Friday, February 29

Ali Cockrean

'Loose in London' acrylic on canvas

'Sailing In Sydney' acrylic on canvas

'Manhattan Magic' acrylic on canvas

The one thing that I love the most about writing my blog is the chance to learn more about the people I admire. Most always I find the answers to my questions both humbling and inspiring. British-based artist Ali Cockrean is no exception. I am mad for her cityscapes and her answers to my questions are honest and though provoking.

What artists, historical or contemporary, do you most admire?
There are so many I admire for different reasons it’s really difficult to choose. But those in historical terms that have influenced me the most in my own artistic development are Turner, Picasso, Miro, Pollock and Rothko. Equally, there are many contemporary artists I admire.

Some I know personally, others I appreciate from a distance like Kurt Jackson and Neil Canning. Generally they all have the same things in common; a natural and effortless talent, an overwhelming passion for the subject and an invincible determination to succeed.

What inspires your art and ideas?
All sorts of things can stimulate ideas. It is usually an emotional response to something going on around me. Sometimes it can be very simple, such as a song, a few lines in a film that makes an impression, or a particularly beautiful landscape. Other times it can be truly life-changing experiences like the loss of a loved one.

Many of my prompts are generated by my relationships with other people. Intimate moments shared with friends or family. Maybe just a look shared between two people or an understanding unsaid, but fully appreciated by both parties. I’m someone who is very much in sync with my emotions and comfortable with most of them, even the negative ones. I’m an analyser and my mind is always full to overflowing with potential subject matter for paintings.

What is the one thing in life you can’t live without?

What is your greatest accomplishment to date?
Producing and raising my son, who never ceases to delight and amaze me as only children can.

What is your idea of earthly happiness?
To be genuinely content and at peace with yourself. Possible, but very difficult to achieve.

Who are your favourite heroes of fiction?
I don’t have any heroes of fiction. I prefer to reserve my appreciation for real people with real achievements and accomplishments.

What books are on your bedside table?
Currently a Taschen art book featuring Mark Rothko’s work and a book called “Art for Dummies” which intrigues me because I have yet to find a book that can explain art simply and directly. Making art accessible to people is a subject I feel very strongly about. There is still too much pretension in the art world. It all comes down to interpretation and opinion at the end of the day, both of which are totally subjective.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I enjoy the freedom to follow my own path. However the biggest buzz I get is seeing the pleasure my work can bring to those who enjoy it. There have been occasions when the reaction to my unveiling a commissioned piece has literally been tears of joy and that is quite overwhelming for the artist as well as the buyer. To enrich someone’s life like that is priceless.

Profile by Ronda Carman
Art: Copyright Ali Cockrean


pve design said...

Cockrean-a-doodle-do !
Love the vivid colors and playfully painted images.
Unique interpretation makes her work playful.

Anna Spiro said...

These paintings are beautiful and look there's a place so close to home in my favourite city Sydney!! Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I love the London painting in red. You're right her answers are great. Thanks for brining us all the best profiles.

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beautiful. of course sydney harbour caught my eye too! great post px

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I like very much of your blog. It reports always very interesting and people with great talent.
These paintings are beautiful.

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Thanks for the lovely profile!