Saturday, July 19

Shopping on Saturday

I love amassing tabletop accessories and setting a pretty table. I particularly have a weakness for glassware and decorative items. And when the price is right...well, I can't seem to help myself! Just ask my husband. I already have more steamware than we have cabinet space. But with items as gorgeous and affordable as these two beauties, who wouldn't be tempted?

Horn Cup from Carolyne Roehm
Water buffalo horn is polished and heated, then molded into organically shaped cups. The cup will require a plastic liner if used for a floral arrangement. $15.00

Dot Tumbler from Michael Devine
This 13th century reproduction glass is a fun an elegant addition to any table. $14.00


Sew Bettie said...

I love these!

pve design said...

Weak at the knees. Lovely vessels.
Leave it to you to find all the best!

cotedetexas said...

Are those Juleska - the Devine ones? It looks so similar! Those are my favorite glasses right now. They make a little bud vase that is the perfect hostess gift!


Anonymous said...

So cute. I am really lacking in the vase department.

Anonymous said...

They look like Juliska to me.