Tuesday, August 19

Fashion Icon

Kate Spade Ads/Photographer Tierney Gearson

Kate Spade Fall '02 Campaign/ Photographer Larry Sultan and Z Photographie/Stylist Karen Patch

Marc Jacobs Ad/Photographer Juergen Teller/Model Sofia Coppola

I love books! Almost as much as I do fashion. This summer I spent several hours (more than I care to admit) shopping and combing through hundreds of titles at the local Half Price Books. In the end, I purchased far more clothing items than books. I did however come across one really great find—Fashion Icon: The Power and Influence of Graphic Design by Mike Toth.

Fashion Icon
is a glossy portfolio of ingenious design work inspired by fashion trends, and packed with examples from print advertising, retail space and packaging. Each photograph is accompanied by descriptions and explores the role of industry players—art directors, photographers, models, magazine editors and stylists.

This book is a visual treat for graphic designers or anyone who loves fashion and advertising. Of course the Kate Spade ads sealed the deal for me, these are some of my very favorite.


katiedid said...

Glad to have you back! Hope your trip was wonderful....and fun to see a picture of your cute husband. :)

Anonymous said...

You do find the best books! Keep it up!!

girl meets glamour said...

Ooo, love those Kate Spade ads, so therefore I most love this book!!


Visual Vamp said...

This looks yummy!

pve design said...

Tell me - how many books do you have?
How do you store them? This one looks like a gorgeous graphic treat for the eyes.
Fashion, Books, Wine, Artisanal and witty beckon me to collect them.
What do you think of the new "So Kelly" Hermes bag, speaking of Fashion....?

Style Court said...

Ronda -- that "Visiting Tennessee" series from Andy Spade is one of my all-time faves too. Just love it.

ALL THE BEST said...

Me too Courtney!

Paul Pincus said...

tierney gearson is a genius!

i've always loved teller's work for marc jacobs and that portrait of sofia coppola is iconic.

thanks so much for the intro to fashion icon!

Miss Cavendish said...

I love that "visiting Tennessee" Kate Spade campaign. I'll check out that book.

Anonymous said...

The little devil costume is great, Thanks