Friday, December 5

My Favorite Things: Charlotte Moss

Santa holding Charlotte Moss age 6. “I can’t remember what I asked for, but I’m sure it was expensive!

My All the Best holiday feature would not be complete without knowing a few favorite things of my favorite tastemaker Charlotte Moss!

My favorite gift to give this year?
I like making CD’s with a theme and then packaging it with other special items. This year I am making collages with a selection of postcards from my travels and photos that I have taken.

My favorite gift to receive?
Contributions to my favorite charities.

My favorite luxury in life
Time. Time to walk, think, read and be with my family and friends.

My favorite current book
I am hooked on my Amazon Kindle, I love the idea that someone can mention a book and I can immediately buy from anywhere, download it and start reading.

A few recent examples include—George Being George a Biography on George Plimpton; Philanthrocapitalism: How the Rich Can Save the World by Matthew and Michael Green; Awearness: Inspiring Stories about How to Make a Difference by Kenneth Cole

My favorite party clothes?
Yves Saint Laurent evening jacket with velvet jeans. Jackie Rogers just made me a pair of camel charmeuse evening pants with a camel gazar jacket embroidered in pearls.

My favorite city?
Whatever city I’m in at the moment. Today it’s NYC, next week Napa, San Francisco or Aspen.

My favorite movie to watch again and again?
Auntie Mame


pve design said...

What a wonderful photo! I adore black and white photos and this one is so sweet. Excellent interview!

Karena said...

Yes, that photo is darling. I love having a peek into the lives of those we admire. Thank you Ronda.

Kwana said...

Wonderful interview and I adore Auntie Mame.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte as a child is so cute I can't stand it! Wonderful photo!!!

Anonymous said...


annechovie said...

It doesn't surprise me at all to see that Charlotte was looking stylish even back then! Great interview, Ronda. What a darling little girl.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Hurrah for "Aunti Mame"! Especially the Rosalind Russell version.

I wonder if that picture was snapped at Miller & Rhodes?

Wannabe A said...

wow she´s so lovely

merry christmas

cotedetexas said...

Very nice!!!
love the picture - too cute!!!

your blog just epitomizes the best there is.


Unknown said...

Great Interview Rhonda. I am on the Amazon back order list waiting for my Kindle....

Anonymous said...

I think that photo suggests Ms. Moss's saucy yet regal world view!
Ronda, I love these "favorites" profiles! Of course, I'd read her grocery list, though.