Monday, November 30

Holiday Book List: India Hicks

If you are shopping online today, then be certain to look at a few of the titles suggested by India Hicks, especially David Hicks a Life of Design. I have devoured my copy!

India writes:
Of course I want to include my brother Ashley’s new book on our father, David Hicks A Life of Design published by Rizzoli. It is the perfect Christmas book: luxurious, glossy, inspiring and emotionally written.

A few books that I’d like to receive include:

Noble Macmillan large leather portrait scrapbooks. I have kept a collection of these scrapbooks since I was a teenager, just as my father also did.

Redeeming Features: A Memoir by Nicky Haslam

Hue by Kelly Wearstler

The Believers
by Zoe Heller

TinTin: The Complete Series


Jaime Rogers said...

Love this series, thanks!


Content in a Cottage said...

Great suggestions.
Thanks, Rosemary

Paulette said...

One of my faves by Ashley Hicks is Design Alchemy, which he wrote with his wife Allegra. A definite library must-have. Thanks for this series--it's great!

Summer is a Verb said...

I adore India Hick's taste and am especially excited for the scrapbook source reveal...XXOO

Living It At Home said...

Thanks for the suggestions...I love the large scrapbooks! They are fantastic...just have to make the time to work on them...that is always the problem!


Kate said...

I love the large scrapbooks too and I am giving those to my sisters this Christmas. :)

Brittany Stiles said...

I'm adding them all to my Christmas list. Thanks! And I'm in love with the pink sofa in the photo.

Francine Gardner said...

thanks for a great to i also love my Tintin...and also saved all my Asterix which my kids loved to read when they were much younger!
Thank you so much for your best wishes card.
Are you planning any visit to New York?
Best, Francine

Gwen Driscoll said...


Always looking for good book suggestions. I already have zillions but I'm always looking for new inspiration. Hope you are well.

Talk soon.


Unknown said...

More options for gifts, which are always great to put on a lists!

Thank You For Asking said...

I love India's long full dress! Looking SO forward to Nicky Haslam's memoir. Thank you for the gift ideas!

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors said...

Wonderful list. Love all of David Hicks work throughout many years.
India, obviously has the same flare.

Olivia Wilder said...

I am loving these! My Christmas wish list is growing longer every day! Thanks, Ronda. Also- great picture of India and her baby girl!

Karena said...

Great suggestions!! Love India Hicks! Ronda where will you be for Christmas holidays?

red ticking said...

hi ronda
india is so adorable... love the photograph and the fun book tips... hope you had a wonderful holiday...x pam

Anonymous said...

Looks like a must-read. Thanks!


ALL THE BEST said...

Thanks everyone for all of the comments! So glad you like this series!

We will be in Scotland for the holiday.