Friday, October 1

Contest: Ready Aim Redesign

I am excited and honored to announce a wonderful, charitable contest. Believing that everyone deserves a beautiful home, Lisa Robison and Kim Turner of the Dallas based non-profit, Dwell with Dignity, are launching Ready Aim Redesign. Dwell with Dignity is a non-profit group of Interior Designers and volunteers dedicated to creating nurturing home environments for families struggling with homelessness and poverty.

Ready Aim Redesign is a before-and-after furniture redesign contest (not a room redesign contest). The idea is to refashion a piece of furniture, turning it into something wonderful.

The contest is open to all and it starts today. Here's how it works:
Go to the registration page, add the $25 entry fee to your cart, check out, and complete your transaction. Once payment is received, you'll be given instructions and a link to upload photos of your before-and-after furniture redesign.

Entries will then be submitted to six judges, who will select the top ten finalists. The finalists will appear on the Ready Aim Redesign website where voting is open to the public.

Not only will your entry fee support a wonderful cause, you will also have a chance to win some wonderful prizes.

I'm privileged to be participating as a judge, alongside: Jonathan Adler, Grace Bonney, Crystal Gentilello, Samantha Reitmayer Sano, and Rebecca Sherman.

I can't wait to see what you creative people submit. Being a judge, I can't allow my talented husband to enter the contest. So I am posting one of his projects as inspiration. A $15 dresser became a sink and bathroom vanity.


Dumbwit Tellher said...

What a tremendous charitable organization. Creating nurturing homes for those who don't have the means is truly a great cause. What makes us all live a better life than a place we are proud to call home?

~ dMp

Lisa Robison said...

Thanks so much for your advocacy and support, Ronda. I am inspired by your insight, enthusiasm and fabulous interviews. ~Lisa Robison, Dwell with Dignity

ERA Interiros - Custom furniture said...

Often there is little appreciation for antique furniture and vintage pieces in disrepair. People don’t realize that anything can be repaired and priceless treasures can end up on the curb. This is a great idea to demonstrate the potential that a piece of furniture can have and that putting a little of love and work into it can make a big difference. The old painted dresser transformed into a bathroom cabinet with the natural finish looks great! Too bad it can’t be part of the competition.

Kelly Green said...

Oh what a great competition and cause! I was all excited and went to the website to register but you must be a citizen of the USA. What a shame! Best of luck with it all. KG

Unknown said...

What a wonderful opportunity for new talent and helping others.
Your husband did a great job with
the vanity.

Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

What a terrific cause! I love the idea of this contest. Revitalizing a piece is not only satisfying but also green. I love finding great pieces and bringing them back to life. Your husband did a wonderful job! Thanks for sharing this contest.

La Petite Gallery said...

Very good cause. Good Luck with the contest.


Design Elements said...

Great idea! To register you must be a US citizen :-( Love your blog!!! Greetings from Germany

aupairstories said...

Everybody deserves a nice home.. I adore how you support the poverty to sustainable developement