Thursday, August 30

Interview: Bonnie Marcus

Bonnie Marcus founder of Bonnie's StylePress

Every great party starts with great stationery. There is nothing better than receiving an invitation in the mail that heightens curiosity, whets the appetite for fun and says this is an event not to be missed! There are so many wonderful stationers, but my very favorite is Bonnie's StylePress, fashionable images with a vintage feel, printed on heavy ecru stock, they’re so stylish and fun!

Now that I know more about Bonnie Marcus, the women behind the name, I adore Bonnie's StylePress even more.

Toward the end of her pregnancy, Bonnie set out to launch her own stationery company from her dining room table in Westport, Connecticut. Having worked for a number of years in the fashion industry for top designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Bonnie teamed up with a number of fashion illustrators who helped make her dream of chic, stylish stationery a reality.

What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur?
No “office politics” involved! If I think that we have a fabulous idea, I am able move on it without going through a rigorous approval process.

Luckily, my company has the support of many high-end retailers (Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barney’s, etc.) who believe in our vision of chic, stylish stationery and trust us to supply them with merchandise that their customers will love!

It is also wonderful to get positive feedback from our customers. We receive numerous emails from brides and moms-to-be who have used our invitations for their special events, or worn our “fun, flirty flip flops” and gotten rave reviews!

It is a great feeling to be able to take part in the special times in a woman’s life.

In addition, I enjoy being able to “give back” by donating a percentage of our profits to organizations that support breast cancer research, such as The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Susan G. Komen (after having a scare myself).

What inspires your designs?
Everyone and everything around me! (fashion trends, home trends, nature, my friends, my children, etc.)

I think all of my friends & family members now have designs named after them . . . there is “Marathon Marla” for my friend who is a runner, “Raquel’s Racquet” for my friend who plays tennis, etc.

I have note cards & invitations named after all their children as well!

(I think some people just want to be friends with me now, because they know they will eventually have a design named after them! :-)

Who are your personal style icons?
Diane Von Furstenberg – My first job out of college was working for Diane in her private studio. How lucky I was! In addition to always looking fabulous, she exudes style in everything she says and does.

Audrey Hepburn – Always simple and sophisticated, Audrey Hepburn is truly the epitome of style. Many people say that my designs have an “Audrey Hepburn” feel, which is a wonderful compliment!

What is your favorite CD(s) at the moment
With two little ones at home and a rigorous work schedule, I don’t have much time to read, so I often buy audio books to stay informed and ahead of the curve in my business.

I am currently listening to The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber, a fabulous book about being an entrepreneur and running your own business.

Where is your favorite place to vacation?
Definitely the Hamptons! It is so beautiful out on Long Island, and both my parents and my in-laws are out there, which means BABYSITTING for the children – definitely a big advantage!

What is your favorite luxury in life?
Whereas a “luxury” to me used to mean a hot handbag or dazzling diamonds, these days my favorite luxury is sleep!

Our kids like to wake up when the sun rises, so to sleep until 9 or 10 is a true luxury for me.

What is your most prized possession?
My most prized possession is my children.

It doesn’t matter if I have had a bad day or a good day at work, they are always waiting by the door to greet me with hugs & kisses when I come home. It definitely makes me realize what is “important” in life.

What is your greatest accomplishment(s)
BALANCE! My greatest accomplishment is being able to truly “do it all” and “have it all”!

Some women don’t think it is possible to have their “dream job” because they need to be home with their children, but I have found a way to balance both my work and home life, which I am very proud of, and work hard at maintaining every day.

Interview by Ronda Carman


Anonymous said...

Bonnie's stationery is just as stylish as Bonnie herself. Another great post Ronda!

Anna Spiro said...

Fantastic - can't wait to visit her website! Thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

I just love Bonnie's Style Press, some of the most wonderful invitations out there!!

ALL THE BEST said...

Anne and Kim I agree with both of you!

ALL THE BEST said...

Anna you will love her website!

Anonymous said...

It's cute, very fresh. I remember the days of managing a business and having a little one around; being able to achieve balance is quite an achievement. My favorite luxury just used to be time to myself. Now that my kids are grown, it is being able to spend time with them. Weird how that works! Good luck to you Bonnie, and thanks All the Best!

Mrs. Blandings said...

It's such an inspiration to see a woman find something she loves to do without sacrificing everything. And, DVF - wow.

Anonymous said...

these profiles are just great, you really know how to pick them!

Anonymous said...

This is an inspiring interview on both fronts. As a business owner and designer, I feel lucky to have the chance to read it. I absolutely loved Bonnie’s stationery. So stylish and fresh.

The Peak of Chic said...

Can't wait to see her stationery!

Brilliant Asylum said...

Another dream job! Beautiful illustrations. She should do a children's book.

ALL THE BEST said...

Thank you Kim B. I know what you mean , mine is 11 and I see that day coming.

ALL THE BEST said...

Mrs. Blandings I so agree, that's why I love doing these profiles!

ALL THE BEST said...

Thank you Anonymous.

I found Bonnie to be very inspiring as well Kim Vallee. It’s great to hear about other's success and how they work to maintain balance.

Let me know what you think Jennifer.

A children’s book would be beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Saw your old post on Pollensa, Mallorca. Who did you book your apartment through? Did you get a good deal on the flight? Inspired by your descriptions my wife has started her research.... Like you we're UK based & live just north of London.
Keep up the good work, Asher

ALL THE BEST said...

Hi Asher we booked the villa through
Good deals on Expedia. Thank you!

katiedid said...

Such an inspiration to see a young woman who has found that "Balance" in having a wonderful business and being there for her family! I am still trying to find it myself. I will be there soon I think!

annechovie said...

Very interesting interview, Ronda. I am really enjoying this profile series - great idea!

franki durbin said...

what a wonderful interview. as a fellow entrepreneur, I love that she appreciates the same absence of office politics. What a great opportunity it was for her to work with DVF in private studio. What an impression that has to make on your style for the rest of your life.

I feel more stylish after just reading the interview! ;)


ALL THE BEST said...

I agree Franki, Anne and Katie! I personally loved this interesting and inspiring!