Monday, January 7

Profile: Carla Lane

One designer that I have recently discovered, thanks Style Court, is the talented Carla Lane. I instantly fell for her use of color and pattern mixed in playful West Coast style.

Carla, an east coast native, studied art at Pratt Institute where she received a BFA with honors. However, her first job after college was not in design but rather journalism working for W magazine. After moving to Los Angeles, Carla rediscovered her passion for design and launched Carla Lane Interiors in 2006.

I think we will be seeing much more from this talented designer in the years to come and I for one can’t wait to see what her future holds.

How would you describe your personal style?
It’s always a mix of high-end classic pieces layered with low-end vintage flea market finds. Like a $15 dollar dress with a fab investment bag.

What decorating trend you would like to see less of? What would you like to see more of?
I like a little bit of everything; glam, modern, bohemia. I do a lot of traditional homes and I try mix it up with unexpected pieces and patterns. I can’t say I want to see more or less of anything. I’m not a style snob. You can’t be if you’re in this business. Clients will constantly test you with their style or something they refuse to get rid of. You learn to make it all work. That's always the challenge as a decorator.

What do you miss, if anything, about your former career as a journalist?
That’s easy - the parties! I started my career in NYC covering social events for WWD (Womens Wear Daily). I’d spend all night hunting down socialites for the fashion pages. When I moved to Los Angeles it got a little more glam like movie premieres and the Golden Globes. To be honest, I miss the events because they gave me an excuse to dress up all of the time.

What is the one thing in life you can't live without
My husband, my dogs and the California sunshine - I need all three to function normally.

Who would you most like to meet and how would you spend the day
If I’m daydreaming it would be Halston for sure! Mr. Halston discovers me roller skating in Central Park. Immediately names me his muse. Dresses me in one of the amazing diaphanous creations I inspired and whisks me to an intimate dinner at Truman’s where we meet up with Bianca and Mick before heading off to 54. I love everything about the 70’s - the hippies, the old school preppies, disco, Annie Hall, David Hicks. From a design stand point the 70’s ruled on all levels.

What is your favorite indulgence
Wandering around Paris with some euros in my pocket and a whole day to waste.

Thinking about your own home what is your favorite room?
My pink office. I spend most of the day in there so I’ve tried to make it a feminine and organized space. We play music. My dogs lay under my desk. I assisted the incredible interior designer, Jackie Terrell, and we worked out of a similarly small office in her home. I loved being close by. We were more efficient and I was able to soak up her genius like a sponge. I doubt my assistant feels the same way!

What books are on your bedside table
US Weekly; Eat, Pray, Love; Sudoku books.

Do you have a favorite fabric or pattern?
I’m just finishing up a very traditional home and during the process I fell in love with all of the chintz from Bennison. I grew up in a very formal chintzed out home and thought I’d never ever go back. Now I’m chintz happy and can’t get enough.

Profile by Ronda Carman


The Peak of Chic said...

Great interview- I like her enthusiasm for design!

Pink Wallpaper said...

i too fell in love w/ carla thanks to style court. great interview and i love that she has a pink office and is an us weekly junkie too!

Anonymous said...

Love the yellow and green accents in that room! Fab!
Another great profile Ronda!!

Brilliant Asylum said...

Her style is so fresh and sunny. Love the term "investment bag".

Style Court said...

I've got to see pictures of her latest Bennison infused project! Thanks, Ronda and Carla -- now I'm so curious!

pve design said...

Sunny, sweet and totally livable, love to have that "white" kitchen on her site.

Suzy said...

She's gorgeous, and dare I say it..? the next Kelly Wearstler??

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely lovely. I enjoyed the interview very much! Her enthusiasm is contagious!

Thanks for sharing!


Anna Spiro said...

Lovely interview - I loved her answers - very clever!

{this is glamorous} said...

She's completely fun and down-to-earth--a really great interview.

Laura said...

Great interview--I've wanted to know more about her for a while. Love the muse part!

style and grace said...

Great interview!! I love her bedside book choices, not pretentious, just straight up! Very west coast :) I am also an US junkie.