Friday, November 14

Great Designs for Children

The Philippe Starck Louis Ghost armchair (far right) is now scaled for the wee ones. The Lou Lou Ghost, $133, is available from Kartell.

The December issue of Architectural Digest is on newsstands now and it’s an issue not to be missed! Architectural Digest, the international magazine of interior design, always delivers stunning interiors, private retreats and sophisticated spaces to its style-conscious readers. This month is no exception. As expected, the magazine is packed with gorgeous photos and well-written articles, however I particularly love the special section for budding connoisseurs—25 Great Designs for Children.

Hats off to AD for featuring 25 unique ‘gift’ ideas for children that emphasize thoughtful design (some bordering on the whimsical) over plastic, nondescript ‘everyday’ toys. This content breaks the traditional AD mold. Regular readers will know that the magazine does not usually feature designs geared towards children.

The prices range from the $14.99 mechanical paper dragon to the $13,5000 circa 1890 pull-along floor train. A few of my favourites include:

Early Bird bookends, $89, from Cocoon Couture for little bibliophiles.

Walter Ruffler's mechanical paper dragon, $14.99 from Nova 68, would make a great stocking stuffer.

Many thanks to Margaret Dunne, executive editor of Architectural Digest, for taking the time to speak with me about the wonderful designs featured. For more imaginative furniture, fabrics and toys see the December issue.


Christopher said...

What cool designs - thanks for posting this Ronda. AD is one of those mags that fades on and off my radar - definitely need to put it back up there full-time.

Anonymous said...

Loved the dragon. For children? - I want one.
Off now to find a copy of Architectural Digest. + A subscription might be a nice idea for husband's stocking at Christmas.
Thanks for the alert, Ronda.
As usual, you highlight the very best.

pve design said...

After all good design should begin in the formative years and bravo to Architectural Digest for featuring
wonderful and whimsical designs that create aspiring designers, at any age.
With the holidays around the corner, these would make clever gifts under any tree, including a subscription to AD.


ohh my gosh,these chairs are so cuteee.i have the same one at home for adults,i will definitely get the children one in future

Anonymous said...

Christopher is right, comes and goes from my radar screen too. Don't know why, it's a great magazine. Will go and get my copy today.

Ms. Katee/e-polishblog said...

I love the ghost chair! How fun that there is now a mini version!

Karena said...

That paper Dragon is tooo cute! great for a boy or girl!

Amy said...

So cool! I love this!!! I can see ALL of these in my son's room! Thanks for the great ideas!