Wednesday, November 18

Another Peek...8 More Days

You have Until November 25, 2009 to submit your BEST interior design project to The Editor at Large Contest. Can't wait to see more! Get all the details here. Good luck.

Mary Margaret Vasquez Interiors

Chameleon Interiors


Linda Merrill said...

Hi Ronda - Thanks for including my project photo here today! What a surprise to see my site meter jump way up - I knew something was up! All the projects are fabulous to look at. Good luck to everyone!

Linda - Chameleon Interiors

chess said...

I love those interiors especially that second photo. How I wish my house is as beautiful as that.

Amy Meier said...

WOW! Thank you for posting my project. This was a fabulous surprise and a great way to start the day. There have been some amazing projects submitted. Good luck to all!
Amy Meier- Amy Meier Design

Karena said...

Love to see the entries! All beautiful rooms indeed.

Jeanne Henriques said...

Fabulous, what a wonderful opportunity for all the participants!

Iñaki said...

Love the last one. I find the others rather bland.


mmvinteriors said...

Hi Ronda
What a surprise to see my photo pictured on your blog today. Thanks for the inclusion. All of the entries are beautiful and professional. I look forward to seeing more.
Mary Margaret Vasquez
Mary Margaret Vasquez Interiors

ALL THE BEST said...

Thanks for all of the comments! ALL of the submission have been SERIOUSLY beautiful!!!

Anne said...

All of the photos are so pretty and the first one is very inviting.

Thank You For Asking said...

Interiors are beautiful. Can't wait to see them all!