Sunday, August 8


Sorry for the silence this past week. I have been in the States for the past two weeks, trying to balance work and vacation. I just returned from a great three days in Vegas with my husband. Lunch by the pool each day was a fun indulgence.

I was invited by the Las Vegas Market at the World Market Center to participate in a panel on blogging and building community through new media. The panel was hosted by Julia Noran of The Editor at Large and moderated by Sophie Donelson. I was honored to be on the panel with Brad Ford, Tobi Fairley and Jackie von Tobel. Jackie also launched her new collection of eco-friendly fabrics at the market.

It was interesting to hear how each person is using social media to enrich their life and business. For me, it is a topic of endless fascination and a tool with unlimited possibilities. Developing a successful online persona and building a brand takes a considerable amount of effort and time. However, when used correctly, social media allows you to foster amazing relationships.

In the next week I will recap our discussion and share my own thoughts on social media, and how I am using it to help my clients build their names and brands.


honeybeeandme said...

Dear Ronda,

I would love to hear how you started with blogging and what you did before blogging and how do you manage living so far from every thing??? Do you enjoy traveling??
Or are you more of a homebody whom loves to just have your tea in the garden every day, cook and blog??


Mona Thompson said...

Will be very interested to hear the rest of the story!

pve design said...

Tell me more, tell me more!
I am cheering for you Ronda....

Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

I love reading your blog and I can't wait to hear the rest of this story. As someone who just started a blog very late in the game (two weeks ago!) I am very interested in hearing more about this topic. Thank you!

Unknown said...

These days social media is changing as well. Most technology is with you all the time. Smart phone's and they're every expanding capabilities of convience make it easy to add text. Camera, recorders, phones all ready to transfer info for clients or yourself for blogs, reports, office personnel, and they're great.

Know your tools and using them is all up to your control. As lay off's continue and clients cut back design yourself a new existence is all that's left to do.

Karena said...

Hi Ronda, I would love to hear more as well. It is a challenge to deside on which venues will bring the best results.

I am loving the Glamorous Rooms book by Jan Flowers and did a shout out to you at the end of my post!

A New Giveaway is on my site!

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

this is so interesting. i love hearing new takes and ideas on the way social media is being advanced and used.

Punctuation Mark said...

i really love people's efforts to meet the friends they have made through blogging... I loved meeting the NY bloggers and would love to participate in more of these...