Monday, February 5

Profile: All the Best

Moi (Ronda of All the Best)

I had not intended to profile myself, and was quite happy to stay in hiding! However, I’ve had so many nice emails asking if I planned to profile my own blog I decided that I would. What’s the old adage? Don’t ask others to do something you wouldn’t do yourself!
All best,

Which interior designer would I most like to meet?
This is such a hard question for me to answer! There are so many designers whose work I admire! I’ll just have to name a few: Muriel Brandolini, Eric Prokesh, Ruthie Sommers, Katie Ridder, Markham Roberts, Schuyler Samperton, Lynn Von Kersting...

If I could vacation anywhere in the world where would it be?
Spain, Spain, Spain or a secluded villa in the south of France (with a pool—of course). I’d love to spend the week with my husband and son, relaxing and exploring the countryside. Each day we would go into the village to buy fresh foods for lunch and dinner, fill a jug with local wine and dine alfresco every night.

What is my favorite luxury in life?
When I’m in Texas visiting family each summer I love to spend each day at the pool ordering wine and club sandwiches. At home I love lying in bed each morning with a cup of coffee, a laptop and our puppy snuggled at my feet.

What is my favorite place to shop?
It’s hard to beat Neiman Marcus

From whom would I most like to receive a dinner invitation?
Texas socialite Becca Cason Thrash

What is my idea of a fantastic dinner party?
Beautiful surroundings, classic cocktails, diverse guests, delicious food, great music and a host who can put their guests at ease. I would have loved to have attended one of Nan Kempner’s Sunday night Spaghetti dinners.

Villa in the south of France


Anna said...

Ronda, I am so glad you did this. A beautiful photo and I love your answers - especially the villa in France. I was transported there for a short moment while I read your wonderful words!! So wonderful to see you!!

Fairfax said...

YAY! So glad to put the face with the name!

alyssa said...

The villa in France does sound wonderful!

The Peak of Chic said...

Ronda- I enjoyed reading your answers! And I'm right there with you on Neiman Marcus and the late, great Nan's Spaghetti suppers!

Amy said...

i will rent the villa next door!!

My Marrakech said...

I just love it when bloggers personalize their blogs the way you have. And thank you so much for bringing us all in!!!

Gypsy Purple said...

Were going to have a great reunion there in the south of france...I`ll be there too...

This is great to "meet" you like this


Elizabeth H. said...

I want to go to one of Becca's parties too, but I think I would rather be a fly on the wall than an actual guest.

mohairpink said...

Count me in for the S. of France. Maybe then we swing by Maryam's guest house. Lovely to see you, Ronda - you're doing a great job with the blog.

ALL THE BEST said...

Thanks for all the kind comments! Yes, a trip to S of France would be great!!

ALL THE BEST said...

If you ever secure an invitation to Becca's let me know. I'd love to see a 20,000 sq foot home (yes, 20,000 sq feet!!)

Christy said...

Hi Ronda,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I thought I'd come check yours out as well! I'm enjoying looking through all your posts. Also wanted to comment on the necklace that your wearing in your's so pretty!

Elizabeth H. said...

Ronda, A friend has been to a party there. She said that it is over the top.

ALL THE BEST said...

Hi Christy,
Thanks for looking at my blog and the comment on my necklace. It is my FAVORITE and I wear it all the time, my trademark I guess.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rhonda,
This is just a lovely profile.
Ah the south of France especially this time of the year. I could not agree with you more.

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