Saturday, May 24

Shopping on Saturday

With summer approaching I have been thinking and dreaming about garden urns and decorative lawn decor - not pink flamingos - but beautiful aged pieces that reflect French summer homes. Appley Hoare Antiques, a well established shop on Pimlico Road in London, is the place to shop for just such items. Daydreaming is always an option as well. Disclaimer - I have no personal hatred of pink flamingos.

A beautiful hand carved wooden table lamp with aged creamy paint and distressed patina. Made in Italy.

English 19th century cast iron urn on original pedestal.

A large French iron wine bottle dryer on original wheels. Cica 1910

Pair of 18th C Cotswold stone spheres/finials.


pve design said...

Wonder if they could ship those stone spheres to me.
Leave it to you to discover such unique garden treasures.

ALL THE BEST said...

For a small fortune! ;-)

{this is glamorous} said...

The store looks beautiful--love the English 19th century cast iron urn--the scale and patina are fantastic.

Washington Cube said...

I just ditched the urn effect this year, after a few years of it. I want something more angular and modern. I do love the spheres. I bought a tightly woven one I'm going to put in the garden and see what decides to move into it.

Pink Wallpaper said...

love the wine rack....LOVE!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Love the bottle drying rack!! I have been oogling one in an antique shop near me for two years now. I have vissions of using it in a zillion different ways. If only....!

swanklighting said...

Oh to have a private garden filled with all these goodies!

Anna Spiro said...

Oh, so many lovely things!!