Friday, September 11

Beautiful Berlin

Two more days in Berlin before we return home. Berlin just might be my new favorite city. The architecture, art and museums have made this city a culture capital. And, like the city itself, Berliners continue to reinvent themselves, pushing the boundaries of art, fashion and design. With so much to explore and create, the city never sleeps. I will do a proper post(s) in just a few days. Until then enjoy the photos.

A huge thanks to Toma (The Antiques Diva) for playing tour guide yesterday. Now we are off to Potsdam...

A hole in the Berlin Wall
Memorial to the Murdered European Jews by American architect Peter Eisenmann is colloquially known as the Holocaust Memorial

The Berlin Wall East Side Gallery

The Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall, East Side Gallery: Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev's passionate kiss with East Germany's leader by Russian artist Dmitry Vrubel


mary said...

Berlin is truly a gorgeous city. Simply looking at your photos of the Berlin Wall made my stomach churn. Having grown up with the construction of the wall (even though I was quite little when it was built), I remember the tension of those times and the fear that existed during the Cold War years. Thanks for reminding me that that particular chapter of history is closed and that freedom of choice and movement has expanded.

Karena said...

So interesting, I love the iron grillwork doors. The kiss..well...hmmmm

The Antiques Diva™ said...

What incredible photos!! I've lived in Berlin 6 months and haven't captured it as well as you in the last few days! Beautiful photography!

Renée Finberg said...

the last shot is priceless.

xx be safe