Monday, September 7

So Long Summer

Summer actually ended for me a few weeks ago, but with the celebration of Labor Day in the States, it now officially comes to an end. The truth is I love autumn. September is one of my favorite months, one that I associate with fresh beginnings and exciting opportunities. Cooler temperatures and falling leaves both comfort me and ignite a feeling of exhilaration. Enjoy the last day of summer knowing that new opportunities lie ahead.

Who Needs Outer Space 1970
Copyright © George Daniell


Karena said...

Autumn is always my favorite time of year! Thinking of pumpkins, apple crisp, cozy sweaters....In fact this morning in Kansas City we woke up to cool, crisp weather with foggy skies!

pve design said...

Autumn in New York, one of my favorite seasons and songs! My anniversary is in September and I remember the day as "spectacular!" I look forward to this Fall and all the bounty as well as your future posts.
Happy September Ronda!

Summer is a Verb said...

I'm trying Ronda, I really am trying. Sniffle, sniffle...XXOO

Unknown said...

I love the fall. September through December 24th are absolutely magical to me. They are exhilarating, hopeful, exciting and I love how happy everyone is. As we all approach the holidays, the leaves falling, the wonderful fall smells of burning wood, pine trees, and cider is truly spellbinding. Happy Labor Day everyone!

mary said...

So true..the smell of falling leaves, the crisp air, new clothes.....we'll have to wait a bit here in So. Cal., but thankfully, the LA fires are now under control. And it is a bit cooler. Can't wait for Autumn and all of its gifts to really hit. Thanks for the inspiration.

Unknown said...


I love summer but I really really love fall and winter. I'm up early and out the door to walk/run by 5:00 a.m. 7 days a week. You see so much more and feel so blessed to greet the day and the seasons.

With a huge smile and my prayer list, I love it! So long, farewell, I hate to see you go, summer's my friend and I await your return next year!


Chichi and Luxe said...

it's amazing to hear everyone's take on Fall! we dont have such definitive seasons in Brisbane - perhaps other Australian cities do.
W're gearing up for a HOT summer and i'm looking forward to it!

Happy Fall :)

Anonymous said...

Normally, I love Autumn. But Summer started so late for us this year, and was colder and wetter than usual. I am not really to let go - I just didn't get enough of warm weather this year.

Heather @ what's blooming this week said...

We're vacationing in Nova Scotia right now and autumn is definetly in the air. Cool nights, but warm sunny days. The leaves are starting to turn.
Love it, can't wait for fall every year by the time mid-August rolls around.

Renée Finberg said...

i love fall too!

now begins the cozy time of year.
fabulous clothes, and stylish dressing.


wide open spaces said...

I love this photo. It perfectly encapsulates the season.