Wednesday, December 9

Holiday Booklist: Kristen McGinnis

Kristen with Santa

I adore Kristen McGinnis’ holiday booklist—it is as eclectic and chic as the interior designer herself. Originally from North Carolina, Kristen attended the prestigious visual arts program at the North Carolina School of the Arts. Following her passion Kristen moved to New York to study fashion design at Parsons School of Design. Using both her learned and innate talents she landed a coveted senior position with Sills Huniford Associates.

In 2005 the talented Kristen opened her own New York-based firm, Kristen McGinnis Design, Inc. This past April, Traditional Home Magazine selected McGinnis as one of the Top 20 Young Interior Designers to Watch. Most recently she was honored by Jamie Drake and the International Furnishings and Design Association as a Rising Star of Interior Design.

Kristen's books to give as gifts:
The Private World of Yves Saint Laurent & Pierre Bergé by Robert Murphy & Ivan Terestchenko

This is the perfect salve for those who missed out on picking up the Christie’s auction catalogue. I love that this book not only shows the well photographed Rue de Babylone residence; but also Berge’s home on Rue Bonaparte; the couture salon on Avenue Marceau; Chateau Gabriel, their house in Deauville; and their houses in Tangier, and Marrakech. A true feast for the eyes!

Jacques Grange Interiors
by Pierre Passebon
One of my all time favorite interior designers! Page after page of eye candy!

The American Ambassador's Residence in Paris by Ulrich Leben and Robert McDonald Parker

An inside look into one of the most prestigious hotel particuliers on the Rue du Fabourg Saint-Honoré.

Casa No Name by Deborah Turbeville
I just came across this book after seeing the must see Turbeville show at Pucci. Her haunting images of her house in Mexico are quintessential Turbeville.

Calder Jewelry by Alexander S. C. Rower and Holton Rower
All of my friends know that I love and collect artist jewelry. This book in particular is quite breathtaking. Many didn’t know that Calder made jewelry. Highly sought after by collectors and museums, the pieces were originally worn by many artists and notable patrons such as Peggy Guggenheim and Georgia O’Keefe.

Books Kristen would love to receive: (hint, hint)

Isabel Toledo: Fashion from the Inside Out by Valerie Steele and Patricia Mears
I have loved her timeless designs since I was a student at Parsons. She is an architect with fabric.

Insects by Thierry W. Despont
For my Esquire Soho Lufthansa kitchen, I incorporated 2 of Thierry Despont’s insects into my design. I came across his show at the Marlborough Gallery last year and fell in love. Despont is an acclaimed architect that many do not know is also a very talented artist.

Cy Twombly Catalogue Raisonné 4 Volume Box Set
by Cy Twombly
This is the must have book for all Twombly lovers, myself included!

The Wirtz Private Garden by Marco Valdivia
As much as I love living in New York City, it makes me crave a house in the country where I could be inspired by this wildly admired Belgian landscape artist.

Jean Despres: Jeweler, Maker, and Designer of the Machine Age by Melissa Gabardi
I adore his industrial and bold covet worthy jewelry!


Anne said...

What an adorable photo and such a great list.

Karena said...

Great book selections. The Cy Twombly is a must,also would love Isabel Toledo's!

Kwana said...

A very nice list. Thanks.

Thank You For Asking said...

A book that you may not buy for yourself is such a great Christmas gift idea.
Also...what an adorable photo!

Vintage Living Magazine said...

Thank you for sharing this list, Ronda. :-)

I definitely have to have Casa No Name and The America Ambassador's Residence in Paris.


Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors said...

Wonderful list...along with a sweet picture.
I would like to add one more book to the
list...CHAIRS, by Judith Miller. This book,
contains a wealth of knowledge & it is simply
stunning to leave on ones coffee table so they
can browse at anytime! I have recently purchase
10 to give at a small Christmas party, I am hosting
for very dear friends, who have work along side
me for over 20 years. I always, believe one of the
best gifts one can give... Is a great book!
Wonderful post.

Belle on Heels said...

thanks for posting this! i just adore kristin's work. and spot on with cy twombly! he has a home in the town where i live and i think if i ever spotted him, i would die!

Katherine Lee said...

I too want that Cy Twombly book now! Yum...

xo katherine aka. urbanflea