Thursday, April 22

Peter Som + SFERRA

I am so excited that I can finally share this announcement with all of you! SFERRA and Peter Som have come together in a wonderful collaboration. To celebrate this new partnership, Som will design SFERRA's space at the Design on a Dime benefit event at Housing Works in New York City this May and the full collection is expected to hit stores January 2011.

Here is the Press Release:
"Style and substance can and should be married when it comes to relaxation. Through this partnership we have created with Peter Som, we aim to expand our clientele by reaching the fashion-conscious consumer who carries an effortless elegance and allure," says Aaron Stewart, Creative Director for SFERRA.

"Fashion and interiors go hand-in-hand so I am thrilled to be partnering with SFERRA. Their tradition of using only the finest materials and exquisite detailing is thoroughly inspiring. I used many of my signature prints from my runway collections as the beginnings of this collaboration. Now my customer can be outfitted from head to toe and from bed to tabletop," says Peter Som.

Som's approach to reinterpret the tradition of great American sportswear in his ready-to-wear line has influenced the design of his first bedding collection with SFERRA. Som worked with Stewart to establish a fresh point of view inspired by unstudied elegance and whimsical appeal, while keeping with the unsurpassed quality and stunning Egyptian cotton that defines the SFERRA brand. The collection will be printed in Italy at one of the world's most renowned print houses.

"Peter and I both love home and are thrilled to partner with SFERRA for this special collaboration. Their brand is a wonderful counterpart to ours and we are very excited about the partnership," adds CEO and business partner Elana Posner.

"I've always admired Peter's talent, but his recent runway show was perhaps the best I have ever attended," comments SFERRA President Paul Hooker. "That sealed the deal for me."


Kelly Green said...

What a wonderful partnership! KG

TSL said...

Now this is going to be exciting!

Karena said...

Great partnership and I love to see the artist/designer at his desk! It says much!

Art by Karena

Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

Wow - I cannot wait to see what these patterns look like! I'm so excited just looking at those colored pencils and knowing his spring 2010 came from them. So many beautiful fabrics in those pieces... now to think it'll be available in bedding! : )


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Som and Sferra! This is too good to be true. Can't wait to see what they come up with at Design on a Dime. Something tells me I'll LOVE it ; )
xoxo katie

La Petite Gallery said...

Design on a Dime , that's a great idea. Hope he does well on the project.