Friday, April 9

Thank You Mrs. Howard

Thank you to everyone who attended the SFERRA party at Mrs. Howard in Atlanta. And a HUGE thank you to Leah Kennelly for all of your help and to Phoebe and Jim Howard for hosting!

I have been a big fan of Jim and Phoebe’s phenomenal work for a several years, and seeing it in person is better than any photo. Both have become widely recognized in the design world, and their work is synonymous with inviting, yet sophisticated Southern style.

The three-story building that houses Mrs. Howard is designed to look like a home, with each room offering a distinct look. The attention to every single detail in each room is astounding. Mrs. Howard was the ideal location for the SFERRA Lose Count event—truly a perfect pairing. Phoebe’s bedrooms are sheer perfection—refined, tranquil, and always dreamy!

If you are in Atlanta, you must stop by and see for yourself. You can also, visit their other locations. Not only will you love Mrs. Howard the store, you will also love Phoebe. Her sense of humor and honesty are both fun and refreshing. You can see more photos on All the Best Portfolio.

Leah Kennelly (soon to be mom) with Phoebe and Jim Howard


pve design said...

What a wonderful event! Looks amazing!

The Broke Socialite said...

I can't say enough about how delightful this event turned out to be. You, Sferra and The Howards (Mr Howard is a hoot) threw a fabulous fete. Bravo, sure enough.

ALL THE BEST said...
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Jay said...

What a beautiful event!!!

Sanity Fair said...

Mrs. Howard is truly stunning - I'm so sad I wasn't in town for this! Glad it was a success (how could it not be) and appreciate the pics. Love!

Helen Young said...

This was a lovely party Ronda! Everyone enjoyed themselves, and of course the setting, food and company were perfect.
Thanks for including us!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

What a beautiful event you shared! I love the staircase. I enjoyed seeing everything. It was wonderful to meet you and your lovely blog!