Wednesday, June 9

House & Garden 1984: The Victoria Family

I relish the connections that are fostered from writing a blog. Yesterday, after Susan Adler Sobol left a comment about the Victoria's family apartment featured in House & Garden, I knew that I had to get in touch with Freddy once again.

Susan wrote, "My familiarity with the Victoria family began about 30 years ago through the pages of House Beautiful and House & Garden. I must have one of these articles from the 1980's filed away somewhere that has delightful photographs of Freddy and his sister in their parent's exquisite apartment. How wonderful that he is now bringing his own sensibility to the family business. I feel as if I watched this young man grow up."

Luckily, Tony Victoria (Freddy's father) dug through their our old press files and found what they believe to be The H&G article to which Susan referred. What a fun look at the opulent 80s. Enjoy.

Frederick P. Victoria, founder of Frederick P. Victoria & Son, Inc., in the same room as above in 1975.


Anne said...

Fabulous! Oh how I miss H&G.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I remember these articles well. Especially those wooden valances. I've got them all in a file somewhere! Loved them.

Wilson said...

I am so in love with the last picture!!! I grew up in the WRONG time!

Susan Adler Sobol said...

Dear Ronda - I am so flattered that my comment inspired you to add this post. I recognized that House & Garden cover as soon as it popped up in my google reader. All of my old magazines are boxed away and temporarily inaccessible. What a pleasure! By the way, I believe the Victoria's apartment was also featured in "Martha Stewart's Hors d'Oeuvres", in a chapter called: "Champagne and Valentines". By the way -- as soon as I hit the button that sent yesterday's comment into cyberspace I realized that I had spelled Ronda with an "h" -- I apologize.

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

I remember these rooms-but this is not the space I fell in love with. I think that one Anthony's. I am going to find it and post that gorgeous bedroom and link it to these. The clock mountings are out of this world. These are the sort of rooms that for anyone with an ounce of appreciation for antiques- or design taste for that matter could never forget. To have the ability and eye to put that sort of space together- a master is required. thank you for bringing these to us. pgt

shiree segerstrom said...

What a treat. Thank you for sharing Ronda. I miss House and Garden too. It was so avante garde.

Shiree Segerstrom

Houses Gardens People said...


I love that House & Garden cover. Their covers changed so much over the decades, but that one holds up after 26 years doesn't it? I'm learning about so many interesting people and places through your blog. Thank you!


Claudia Juestel / Adeeni said...

What a wonderful look back. No wonder Freddy was so inspired to return to his family's business.



Anonymous said...

Oh yes, ahhhh, I too have my Louis Oliver Gropp-edited issues of House & Garden [including the issue you've selected here] preserved under lock and key; he was a maestro during his too-few years at the helm. Like you, I have a favorite-room-photo from H&G that I refer to constantly still after 40+ years, but mine is so old I had to have it laminated [!].