Tuesday, October 30

Eltham Vine by Sanderson Interiors

Eltham Vine by Sanderson Interiors is one of the company's best selling patterns. It is one of my personal favorites and I was thrilled to see it prominently featured in the home of clothing designer Lily Maddock (Domino/October 2007). Sanderson's popular design has been re-colored in seven fantastic colorways, both their fabric and wallpaper.

Beige, burgundy and aqua on brown Eltham Vine printed linen fabric

Aqua and brown Eltham Vine wallpaper

Lily Maddock's home designed by Celerie Kemble.


Anonymous said...

I love that aqua and brown vine paper!

Anonymous said...

I thought that room was so stunning!! The aqua and brown is very pretty too!

Suzy said...

I loved that room - its absolutely breathtaking! And great profile too!