Friday, October 26

La Esquina

La Esquina restaurant in New York

Unfortunately I did not make it to one of the places on my “to visit” list while in New York. For the past few months I have been completely fascinated by La Esquina, a “secret” SoHo restaurant that is hidden behind an anonymous grey door marked employees only.

From the street it appears to be nothing more than a small, no-frills Mexican diner, but appearances can be misleading. Of course counter-style service dispenses tacos and tortas, but the “real” restaurant is behind and below the diner front.

To get to the hidden La Esquina you must pass through an unmarked door that leads to a quintessentially chic downtown restaurant. I’ve heard this place described as Studio 54 with chipotle instead of cocaine. The desire to be in a place from which others are excluded is age-old, but enticing nonetheless.

Michelle and Derek Sanders. Photo ELLE Decoration/September 2007

Last month the UK magazine ELLE Decoration featured Michelle and Derek Sanders. Derek is an architect and co-owner of La Esquina and his beautiful wife Michelle heads up Donna Karan’s accessories collection. Derek and Michelle live above La Esqunia with their adorable young son. The space they call home is a former factory that has been transformed into a stunning open-plan loft.

I do hope to have dinner at La Esqunia the next time I’m in New York. Of course the trick is the telephone number is unpublished. I have recently been given a number, but have not actually called to see if it is a working one. I’ll keep you posted.

Derek Sanders co-owner of La Esquina. Photo Men's Vogue


Habitually Chic said...

Ronda, So sorry I couldn't get you into La Esquina while you were in town but as you know, having the secret number doesn't guarantee a reservation. The restaurant is so popular because the food is delicious and actually reasonably priced.

You can also check out more photos of their loft in my old post, White Done Right,

ALL THE BEST said...

Thanks HC, I'll be sure to check it out on your post! We'll try it again next time!!

Anonymous said...

Ronda HC is right, the food is delicious and reasonably priced. You must go the next time you are in NYC!

Mélanie said...

It sounds wonderful . A private place behind a grey door.
I also want to go there next time ..I will ask you the number

ABC Dragoo said...

I used to live in the building above La Esquina when there was simply nothing there. Shady to walk at alone at night as a women. In 1.5 years the entire block changed. Now you can't walk out the door without tripping over a woman in Louboutin's! Two weeks ago I was taking Tortilla Soup to go and Leonardo DiCaprio came in to do the same. Certainly is is now a place to see and be seen!

Anonymous said...

Well, this isthe raigth place to meet people, I used to work in the place, and i can say that is the best place that i have been working on, I'm mexican and a can even say is a little part of Mexico in NYC,thank's to Soraya, The best manager that a ever worked with...All the best....