Friday, December 12

My Favorite Things: Eric Prokesh

When I first started All the Best back in January 2007, one of the very first people that I posted on was the Dallas based designer Eric Prokesh. The photos of his home from Southern Accents remain some of my very favorite interiors, even to this day. I have had the pleasure of corresponding with Eric over the past few years and he is a class act.

The next time that I am in Texas I promise to make the trip to Dallas so that we can meet in person, and I can actually “see” some of my very favorite rooms. In the meantime, the photos above will have to suffice.

Favorite gift to give?
Amazon gift certificate. It can be spent throughout the year and there is no risk of giving someone a book, movie, or CD they may already have.

Favorite gift to receive
Amazon gift certificate.

Favorite way to spend the holidays?
Christmas with family and friends. I mean that's what it's all about, no?
New Year's in Europe.

Favorite luxury in life?
Sleeping on fresh sheets under a couple of down comforters in a cold room. Hey, in Texas, that is a luxury.

Favorite current book?
Joseph Roth's Radetsky March

Favorite Holiday Song?
Anything from the Messiah. Bright, suffused with light and hope—it's what religion should be about.

Favorite party clothes?
Teal velvet jacket and paisley ascot.

Favorite cookie?
Chocolate Chip. Guess I'm a traditionalist at heart.

Favorite City?

Favorite place to shop?
The Corso in Rome, and Germyn Street in London during the January sales. As expensive as Europe can be, one really does find bargains.

Favorite movie to watch again and again
Murder on the Orient Express. It's always comforting in times of stress to lose oneself in the problems of the uber-rich and beautiful.

Interior photos by Pieter Estersohn


Anonymous said...

Oh my! Those rooms are to die for and the colors are superb!

ALL THE BEST said...

Seriously!! Are those colors not stunning!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ronda I am a huge fan of Eric Prokesh. Of course I am a Texan too and a loyal Southern Accents reader. I am so glad you posted this profile on Eric, he needs to be better known.

ALL THE BEST said...

April I agree wholeheartedly!

Style Court said...

Yes that blue room has turned out to be so timeless, such a hit! Amazing with the fine furniture.

Another wonderful childhood photo too :)

ALL THE BEST said...

You are so right Courtney! And I do LOVE these photos too! :-)

Karena said...

Ronda, Oh my,love the blue room. I have a teal velvet jacket and a favorite movie is also Murder on the Orientr Express. Even took a special excursion on the Orient Express in Switzerland. If Eric wants to hear about the experience, tell him he can write me.

Lauren said...

What a cutie!!! Great childhood pic.

cotedetexas said...

I ADORE his dining room - it remains one of my all time favorites. It looks like Gambrel copied his living room color in the new Elle - huge compliment! That picture is just too cute. I love this series.

And have a Merry Merry!!!