Thursday, December 11

My Favorite Things: Minnie Mortimer

I love the easy and natural style of Minnie Mortimer. She is truly the perfect combination of New York and L.A.—naturally elegant.

Minnie’s new chic clothing line invokes not only her own breezy spirit, but her insatiable approach to life. Moreover, it's fabulously priced! The perfect gift to give and receive!

My favorite gift to give this year?
The Tinsley Dress and the Devon Dress from my clothing line - perfect for vacation.

My favorite gift to receive?
Art books. Right now I am very into the Dutch artists of the 17th Century.

My favorite way to celebrate the holidays?
With family by the fire!

My favorite luxury in life?
Surf vacations all around the world. My next trip is to Uraguy.

My favorite current book?
Black Flies by Shannon Burke and American Eve by Paula Uruburu

My favorite holiday song?
Anything by Bing Crosby

My favorite party clothes?
Vintage Valentino. Red is my favorite color.

My favorite cookie?
Gingerbread. So cute, so yummy.

My favorite city?
Paris and Naples

My favorite place to shop?
Georgia Tapert Living on Broome Street in NYC and Nathan Turner on North Almont Drive in LA.

My favorite movie to watch again and again?
The Big Lebowski


Anonymous said...

What an adorable little girl! She is so cute!!!

ALL THE BEST said...

Isn't that photo great! You are always quick with kind words Anne!

Anonymous said...

Her mother has such style and verve.

Karena said...

Ronda, you know the most interesting people. Her dresses are darling, so fresh and fun!

alice said...

I just went to her site... I'll take one of everything. Thanks for sharing such a great find!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

She is so beautiful, isn't she? She sounds like she would be a lot of fun to have as a friend :-) I just love your interviews, keep them coming!!

ALL THE BEST said...

I'm so glad everyone seems to like these holiday profiles as much as I do!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I could read these all day. So entertaining.

juanplus said...

Hi Ronda,

Im allways read your blog it´s fantastic, olny its not Uraguy, its Uruguay, Im live there in Montevideo the capital, but the best place in the summer in Southamerica Its Punta de Este.

Best regards.

Kwana said...

She's beautiful. Great photos. These are so much fun!

Leciawp said...

She is beautiful. Great interview!

Anonymous said...

My Cousin!! =D
The greatest in the world.