Monday, August 3

Thank You CasaSugar!

Thank you CasaSugar for linking to All the Best and the post on the Soniat House.


Karena said...

Ronda, the colors on the exterior of Casa Sugar has inspired a painting! I am putting final touches on it. It is an abstract landscape on 12 x 12 gallery wrap. I will post an image soon.

Unknown said...

Wow congrats! The exterior is stunning.

Unknown said...

BTW, loved the post on Amanda Tally, her work is beautiful!!

Suzanne said...

Beautiful work!!
It transported me inmediately to the colonian houses in cartagena, Colombia.I just came from a two week vacations and stayed in this boutique hotel:
I mean WOW!(though the colors are different, the structure is very similar)
BTW I love the colors. congratulations