Tuesday, October 12

Matthew Williamson Book

“When I step into one of Matthew’s dresses I feel like I am stepping into his world, which is colourful, ethereal and dreamlike.”– Sienna Miller

Born in Manchester England, Williamson describes his hometown as “A grey city in a grey country.” His stark childhood surroundings are what instilled in him a strong craving and appreciation for vibrant colours and free-flowing fabrics.

From his outrageously decorated teenage bedroom, to an innovative and international multi-million dollar empire, Matthew Williamson by Colin McDowell offers a unique insight into the life of one of the most original and exciting designers working today.

Each chapter opens with a note from industry style setters and key players. Matthew Williamson is a must-have for fashion forward women everywhere and anyone interested in fashion design and contemporary fashion culture.

Stay tuned—I will be following up with a profile on Matthew Williamson very soon.


Kwana said...

Thanks for this. I can't wait to read your profile.

Unknown said...

Good morning,
Glad your technical difficulties
have been resolved. Love the fabrics and colors, will look forward to your interview.

vicki archer said...

Ronda, I am a fan of Mathew Williamson so look forward to reading your profile ....xv

vicki archer said...

Ronda, I am a fan of Mathew Williamson so look forward to reading your profile ....xv

Unknown said...


This will be an exciting profile to read. There are many great designers to discover because they spark us with their creative minds and leave us with their fantastic fashions.


mary said...

Glad that you are back! I do wish that Matthew Williamson's gorgeous clothes came with a new body as an option (long legs in particular).

peggy braswell said...

Will be in UK the end of Nov. working on finishing home for client. Hope to connect with you. Adore Matthew Williamson's clothes. Love your post. xx peggybraswelldesign.com

designchic said...

With a stunning cover like that one, I can hardly wait to look inside...Anxious to read your profile - I'll be following -

May Brady said...

Oh how I wish this book was on my coffee table RIGHT NOW!

Karena said...

Love Mathews designs!! I would love to own a dress of his!!

I have a Luxurious New Giveaway on my site....Come and enter!!

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing really looking forward to reading this!