Monday, October 25

Thank You Timothy Paul

A HUGE thank you to Mia and Timothy Worrell for hosting our most recent SFERRA Lose Count party. Their Washington, D.C., shop has a growing legion of fans, and for good reason—they both have an eye for the best. Timothy specializes in carpets, while Mia focuses her efforts on textiles, exclusive lighting and furnishings from the United States, Canada, and France. Their store really is the perfect backdrop for a party and SFERRA linens.

I also want to thank everyone who attended (despite a rainy start to the day) and my friend Malcolm for taking the train down from NYC at the last minute. It was especially fun to meet fellow bloggers and Terri Sapienza of the Washington Post.

We will be hosting additional parties in San Francisco and New Orleans in the spring. To learn more about Lose Count and great bedding tips click here.

Mia and Timothy Worrell, owners of Timothy Paul

Paul Hooker, SFERRA President; Ronda Carman; Aaron Stewart, Creative Director

Malcolm James Kutner and Aaron Stewart

Timothy Worrell, Meaghan Burdick, Marika Meyer

Paul Sherril and Jana Abel

Michele Ginnerty, Nester Santacruz, Barbara Franceski

Mary Early, Kathy Campanella, Amy Zantzinger

Ankie Barnes, Barry Dixon, Aaron Stewart

Joseph Ireland, Barbara Franceski and Malcolm James Kutner

Lindsey Nye and Katherine Boyle

Raji Radhakrishnan, Barry Dixon, Ronda Carman, Murali Narasimhan

Darrel Rippeteau, Kerry Putnam, Maegan Sweeney

Jeremiah Stapleton and Veronica Revilla


Peggy Braswell said...

Love that shop. Great pictures. xx

Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

Looks like it was a fabulous time. Sharing the link with my pals living in DC.

Luciane at said...

Wow.. how wonderful is seeing pictures of beautiful people and places!



Andrea said...

That shop looks amazing!

Linden Blue by Lindsay Hair said...

Great pics! Tim and Mia have been friends for years and besides being wonderful people, they have such a great eye in carpets and textiles!

La Maison Fou said...

Thanks for the introduction. What a great looking party.


honeybeeandme said...

wow, I always look at your sight just to see the kind of life you live...
It must be hard to return home, after all the parties!!!!!


P.S. Tell me more about this linen company... There are so many out there, even really great ones, what makes them unique???

ALL THE BEST said...

melissa you are so right. i am in venice right now with sferra to celebrate their 120 anniversary. i have been touring the mills and the quality is second to none.

for me it is the quality and the people. sferra is privately owned, and the owner paul hooker and his employees are amazing. but the best is their price point. in my mind it is an "affordable" luxury.

ALL THE BEST said...

oh...and the parties are FUN...but i LOVE coming home.

honeybeeandme said...

I will check them out..
Thank you so much for answering my question....


MissBliss said...

your site looks so beautiful-- just getting back to checking out some blogs after a busy summer and fall-- what creative synergy :)