Monday, January 3

Interior Design Chat: Collaborating with Brands

Ronique Gibson and Ronda Carman at Sub-Zero/Wolf from AGP on Vimeo.

This past September, along with fellow blogger Ronique Gibson and several interior/kitchen designers, I had the privilege of being invited to spending three days at Sub-Zero and Wolf in Madison, Wisconsin. I've long been a fan of these two iconic brands, but prior to my visit I did not fully appreciate (nor understand) the extreme care, craftsmanship and level of detail that goes into the manufacturing process and, thus, the finished product.

Not only did I leave with a greater appreciation of the products, I left weighing a pound or two more than when I arrived. Each day started off at the beautiful Bakke Center, a state-of-the-art training facility where you can smell, savor, touch and eat glorious food prepared using Wolf products.

Wolf and Sub-Zero have taken a proactive approach when it comes to social media best practices and the engagement of their target audience. During our visit, Ronique Gibson and I were asked to participate in a video produced by Andy Garcia Productions for Sub Zero/Wolf on the topic of social media.

Following on the now finished video, Interior Design Chat (#IntDesignerChat) will host a Twitter chat on the topic of "Collaborating with Brands In 2011" on Tuesday, January 4, 2011 at 6pm EST. #IntDesignerChat is weekly chat for Interior Designers, Interior Architects, Decorators, and anyone who is in the Home Decor and Furniture Industry. To learn more about 'how to chat' click here. See you on Twitter!