Monday, October 6

Off to Texas and NYC

I am leaving bright and early in the morning to fly to Texas. I will also be in NYC for a few days to participate in the D&D Building Market Event. I will be attending several great events in Houston and I will update you as soon as possible. I am now off to finish packing my carry on and then it is off to bed. I have to be up at 3:00am...sigh!!

As far as my carry on goes, I must have a great book, my iPod, hand sanitizer and Burt's Bees Medicated Lip Balm with Clove Oil - I am addicted to this stuff!! I know that I have asked this of people that I have profiled, but I will ask you too, what are your MUST have items for travel?


ArchitectDesign™ said...

The same exact items as you have, including the burts bees (which I am also addicted to, I must have 50 of them laying around!). I also make sure to have some powdered paper to blot my face with after landing to look clean and not grimy!

Anonymous said...

1. My laptop
2. Hand lotion
3. ESPA lip balm
4. All of the tabloids I can get my hands on
5. My camera
6. A note pad for inspirations that strike while people-watching (one of my favorite activities)

Look forward to seeing you next week!

rebecca said...

Safe travels!!

Everything you've listed is on my must have list. :) If you've room, I always like a snuggly soft little blanket that smells good. Yes, a "blankie," if you will. Haha!

Looking forward to hearing about your trip!


Anonymous said...

My iPod with every audiobook I own, plus a couple of new ones. I read a lot of history & biography and classics, so I like a trash read on a plane or beach. For some reason, on a plane or beach Anne River Siddons is my guilty pleasure.
my CRACKberry which I am addicted to.
l'Occitane honey & lemon lotion because I am an alligator without it. (or Perlier honey) peppermints, altoids are too strong for a plane. My small Canon Powershot, Filofax (even though all that is in my phone) My carry on is my leather pack. I've got to try the burts bees with cloves!

Anonymous said...

Quite simply - cashmere!

pve design said...

1. Moleskin Journal
2. Micron Pentel Pens for drawing
3. Windsor Newton travel water-color set
4. Sun-rider Sun Breeze oil
5. Bright Scarf in light-weight cashmere to wrap
(especially handy for chilly flights!)
For Fall, I have an ombre pumpkin shade.
6. Bobbi Brown BATH scent... good smells are so important to me, especially on long flights.
My family nearby!

Capegirl said...

Magazines of every type is my must have on a trip and water. Somehow I never can get enough from the crew.

Safe trip

Karena said...

Have a great trip. A good book, lip gloss, hand cream, A lttle sketchpad/ note portfolio, and camera.

Lauren said...

Have a safe trip!!
(and welcome back to nyc when you get here! :) )

Half of my family still live in England, so here's my top five needs for travel - especially transatlantic!

1. Toothbrush and toothpaste! travel can make me feel gross, as it can for most! and there's nothing like a scrub down on the teeth and breath to freshen me up!

2. A good book - I don't leave home without one - Ever!!

3. A notebook - for jotting down ideas, thoughts, inspiration, everything!

4. A pashmina/shawl/scarf - wrap up, wrap down, perfect for changing weather in destinations. Also, can keep you warm on a plane, and make you look glam when you get off!

5. blotter paper/powder - another refresh the face!


katiedid said...


Have a great trip and I look forward to your posts. ;)

ALL THE BEST said...

Oh I LOVE all of these!!!!

WordsandMusic said...

1. a good book
2. my own earphones, so I don't have to pay for theirs if there's a good in-flight movie
3. hand/face lotion
4. pen and notebook
5. a snack, since theirs contains six tiny pretzels
6. water
7. ear plugs, in case there's a crying baby or a loudmouth nearby.
8. eye shade, in case I want to nap
9. those super tight socks that supposedly prevent blood clots and definitely prevent ankle swelling
10. my reading glasses
11. did I mention a GOOD BOOK?

pve design said...

I knew I would forget something,
good book too!

Brilliant Asylum said...


Anonymous said...

I really like this shot!

Anonymous said...

i must travel with a new book, the latest British Vogue, XL sunglasses (so i can snooze more comfortably), a toothbrush & comfortable boots (easy to get on/off at security, & they keep my tootsies warm!)

i hope we get some time to have drinks! will email you shortly.


So Lovely said...

I fly regularly back and forth from Europe to the South Pacific. So I have it down to a fine art for myself: a pair of cotton leggings and a long sleeved t-shirt (I change into those as soon as I get on the plane). Kiehl baby lip balm (much glossier than the "adults one"). Laptop, a book, and yes, those socks (not the most glamourous) that prevent deep vein thrombosis. My sister is a nurse, and swears by them.

Unknown said...

Tylenol PM to knock me out
Ear plugs to cut out the noise
A cashmere throw to keep me warm
Fuzzy sock
Altoids and whatever I am reading at the moment.

Have a great trip.


Material Girls said...

Your travels sound so fun! Have a great trip.