Saturday, October 25

Shopping on Saturday

I love bold, beautiful jewelry and its power to transform clothing. Blame it on my mom and my friend Megan. My mom has always loved big showy pieces, and I fondly remember trying on her jewelry as a child. When I was really young I would play in her jewelry boxes and cut out pictures of rings and necklaces from magazines, and then tape them to my fingers and neck.

After moving to Pennsylvania in 2000 I met my dear friend Megan at cocktail party. She was, and is, one of those people who stands out in a room—tall, thin, short dark hair and stunning jewelry! The first time we meet she was wearing a gorgeous choker with stones and pearls the size of golf balls. I don't remember the clothes, but I remember that necklace!

After we became friends, I commented that I wish I could pull off such large pieces. Without missing a beat Megan took off her necklace, put it around my neck and turned me towards the mirror, "You can pull it off!" She was right and now I can't imagine life without statement jewelry.

Etta Necklace by Dannijo

Green Onyx Necklace by Bounkit for Vivre

Havisham Geometric Necklace by Alexis Bittar

If you are in Houston, be sure to stop by Elaine Turner's new shop. It's a beautiful store, filled with her gorgeous handbags, shoes and wonderful accessories. You will also find jewelry by Elizabeth Cole, Sarah Briggs and Gerard Yosca. If you can't make it to the store you can always shop online.


Visual Vamp said...

So pretty!
xo xo

pve design said...

who ever said it had nothing to do with size is all wrong, I love things either teeny tiny or really enormous. always have and always will.
nothing in the middle.
let's hear it for BIG and BOLD accessories.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I adore the green!

cotedetexas said...

I agree with that completely Ronda - either teeny or huge!!!

Seraph + Splendor said...

We had the most lovely client (who sadly is no longer with us) with an incredible jewelry collection. Big and bold was an understatement for some of her pieces!!! (and somehow it seemed she never wore the same piece twice...)

Crave said...

Yes!! Statement jewelery is for anyone!! I'm a firm believer that it can transform a simple black tee into a rocking look...

Thank you for the comment on my blog!! So glad you like it! My apologies for not returning the comment sooner!