Friday, April 24

All the Best LIST

The LIST of creative tastemakers just keeps growing. Thank you to everyone for your contiuned support, friendship and involvement with this expanding resource. Please welcome the newest additions to the accomplished LIST of talents:

Patricia van Essche

Suzanne Aaronson
Lifestyle Curator
World Traveler

Katie Ridder
Interior Designer
Style Arbiter

Amanda Nisbet
Interior Designer
Arbiter Elegantiarum

K. Cooper Ray
Event Planner
Lifestyle Connoisseur


Kwana said...

Oh I'm so happy to see my good friend Patricia on the list! Congrats to her and all the rest of the fab tastemakers. Love The List.

Renee Finberg said...


i will check them out .


ALL THE BEST said...

Thanks Kwana. Patricia is an amazing woman!

ALL THE BEST said...

Please do Renee!

Karena said...

Congratulations to Patricia and the other very worthy additions to your list!

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Upon first glance I adore Katie's design. Can't wait to check out more of her work. Something fresh & not overly done & predictable.
Have a terrific weekend Ronda!

jae said...

I'm so thrilled to see Patricia on your list. well deserved...well deserved...i'm off to congratulate her!

Shandell's said...

Love that the list is growing, will visit each one of these.

Fancy for nyc said...

thanks, you're definitely saving me much work. Big fan of THE LIST, i'm taking notes.

pve design said...

How do they say thank-you in Scotland?
Thank-you for including me. I feel quite honored to have illustrated your header which makes me smile when I come to visit!
You are truly "All the Best."

ALL THE BEST said...

You are most welcome!

Scots Gaelic: Tapadh leat or simply Cheers or Ta!

gatherings home said...

Well then Ronda, Ta! I have been a fan of Patricia's for a while now (and yours, of course!) and I am off to check out your newest additions.


Brillante Home Decor said...

As I said already...soon I will need to give up my blog due to all the time I spend reading yours. Glad to see Patricia and glad to know new faces.
Bravissima Ronda

A Day That is Dessert said...

I love Patricia - great addition!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hello! I saw Patrica illustrated your new header on her blog and I had to come over and see it here. Just wonderful!

yolanda said...

Hello, I have just created my own blog from, I hope you will like it. I visit yours one frequently; and I actually love it, and please feel free to make any coments or suggestions.
Have a nice day

Sanity Fair said...

Very inspiring! So many designers, so little time.

red ticking said...

ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. the individuals, the information, and you for putting together such an amazing piece. you are all so talented... bravo.

Kelsey B. said...

Love the new list, PVE and Amanda especially!

Michelle said...

What a great picture of Patricia...I'm off to check out the others on the list...