Tuesday, April 28

Profile: Patricia Gray

I adore the words of Jan de Luz, "Style…isn’t something that you apply like hand cream. It comes from within, as an emanation from your own being.”

Vancouver based interior designer Patricia Gray is the perfect case in point. For those of us who follow her blog, we are well versed in Patricia’s inimitable style. Her designs are both studied and precise, while being completely livable and inviting. It is one of the main reasons Patricia never fails to excite and inspire.

As I have alluded to numerous times, my design tastes run the spectrum. Patricia’s timeless and classic designs, with an undeniable modern edge, are the perfect prescription for my neuroses.

Patricia received her training at the Parson's School of Design in Paris. She is a member of the Inter-Society Color Council of New York, the National Council for Interior Design, the Interior Designers of Canada and a certified Feng-Shui practitioner. Patricia's portfolio includes feature projects throughout the US and Canada, as well as in Japan, Singapore and Africa. A few notable design clients include John Travolta and Rob Feenie.

Photo by Roger Brooks

How would you describe your design style?
I like furniture to have good lines, rooms to have good ‘bones', Juxtaposition of good antiques and artwork with modern design.

What inspires your creativity and designs?
Travel, being around young people, the ocean and the desert.

What is your most prized possession?

I don’t know if you could call her a ‘possession” but my 4 ½ pound Yorkshire Terrier, Nicole.

What is the one thing in life you cannot live without?

My cup of coffee in the morning.

Who are your style icons?

Interior Designers: Michael Taylor, Andree Putman, Antonio Citterio

Fashion: Coco Chanel, Dianna Vreeland

Who would you most like to collaborate with on a project?
The great Albert Hadley.

What is your favorite luxury in life?

Travel. The best holiday I ever gave myself was a cruise from Rio to Barcelona. 10 days at sea crossing the Atlantic. It was the most relaxing time I have ever had. Nowhere to go, nothing to do….eat, sleep, eat some more. 

What is your idea of earthly happiness?
Clients that allow me be creative.

Past or present who has most influenced your direction in life?
My Mother for nurturing my creativity in childhood.
My Father for teaching me good values: integrity, self reliance, and perseverance.

Who would you most like to meet and how would you spend the day?
The dowager Queen Noor of Jordan. I have admired her for years from a TV interview with Larry King. Her style and humanitarianism left an indelible impression on me. However she would like to spend it!!

Profile by Ronda Carman


pve design said...

Patricia has such energy - she reminds me of a streamlined jet! "International, sleek, knows where she is going and always provides a smooth landing" - I always admire her work.

ALL THE BEST said...

Well said Patricia! I agree 110%!!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Patricia is one of my favorite designers. Her style is flawless and her blog is addictive! Great post.

jae said...

I enjoy reading her blog and her style is something to be celebrated. Another great interview, Ronda. Clients that allow her to be creative and a cup of coffee...I knew I liked her.

franki durbin said...

ahhhh! One of my absolute favorites! I think we can all agree she as accomplished designer, a sweetheart of a blogger and in a league of her own when it comes to style. Patricia, we love you.

And Ronda, thanks for yet another terrific creative force to be reckoned with featured on your blog :)

jen laceda said...

Not only is Patricia a great designer, she is also a great person overall. She connects with all her blog readers and fans, and her charm just emanates from within!

ALL THE BEST said...

Thanks Laura, Jae and Frank! I had a good feeling about this blog post!! :-)

~ Patricia Gray ~ said...

Hi Ronda
Thank-you so much for profiling me on your wonderful Blog. I feel lightheaded to be amongst the 'Best of the Best.' You were one the first Blogs I read and you were my inspiration for starting Blogging. So we have come full circle. Thanks again!!!

Michelle said...

Great addition to the list! I know Patricia professionally and personally, and she really does live how she writes and designs. Passion, style and integrity are words that fit her best...and her interiors...well...all the best!!

A great interview :)

ALL THE BEST said...

Patricia you are the 'Best of the Best.' I am so happy to know that my blog inspired you to starting blogging. WOW!!

I guess we have come full circle. Thank you for your kind words!

maison21 said...

patricia is such a talent, and one of my favorite voices in our little corner of the internets. as a previous commenter noted, her "passion, style and integrity" shine through on her blog.

thank you for the enjoyable interview!

ALL THE BEST said...

Thanks M21! So true, Patricia is in a league of her own. I really adore her design, writing and style! She is the BEST! It was fun to learn more about her through Q&A.

Meade Design Group - Iván Meade said...

Who doesn't love Patricia?- Patricita as I call her. I admire her career and her professionalism is present in any of her projects. In the personal side she is all the best - no words can describe her.

annechovie said...

I was thrilled when Patricia gave me one of my first commissions a couple of years ago. Besides being enormously talented and the consummate professional, she is a truly kind and genteel lady as well. Great profile and addition to your list, Ronda!

Renee Finberg said...

i follow patricia....
this was a wonderful treat for me ...
to learn more about her, and her fabulous education/background in design.
thank you.

Renae said...

I have learned much from Patricia...I cannot wait to see what she shows us each time she posts!

red ticking said...

patricia and rhonda... 2 amazing talents... i so admire each of you... x pam

Brillante Home Decor said...

Ronda, I love your Blog and enjoy all your Posts and every time I was reading them I was wondering...where is my friend (and mentor) Patricia? Ahhh! here she is with her great answers to your interview. By the way I started blogging after I met her...another (small) dot to be added to the circle?

DesignTies said...

Patricia is one of the first bloggers my blog partner, Victoria, and I started to follow when we created our blog in January. I visit her blog every day -- her posts are always interesting and informative, and I love her cool profile picture!!

It was a total thrill for us when Patricia selected our blog as one of her top 10 favourite new blogs a couple of months ago. To be recognized by such a talented and well-respected designer for our work was (and still is) astounding :-)

Thanks for interviewing Patricia and giving us the opportunity to learn more about her. She's definitely one of the best!!

Kelly @ DesignTies

Chic Provence said...

I have recently discovered Patricia Gray and think her blog is phenomenally well done, interesting and beautiful. She is so talented and energetic and it shows. Thanks for her profile.