Tuesday, January 12

Profile: Tammy Connor

Tammy Connor is the talent behind the beautiful home that I featured yesterday. What I admire most about her work is a refined, traditional style that is marked by warmth, comfort and originality. When you study each of Tammy’s various projects you notice a sincere dedication to each client's unique lifestyle.

Prior to founding Tammy Connor Interior Design in 1999, Tammy received a bachelor's degree in Studio Arts magna cum laude from Wake Forest University and a graduate degree in interior design summa cum laude from The American College of Applied Arts in Atlanta, Georgia. While in school, she was the recipient of several scholarships and was named design student of the year. Upon graduation, she apprenticed with the esteemed design firm of Gandy/Peace Inc.

Many thanks to Birmingham Home and Garden for letting me know that Tammy's own home is featured in their latest issue (she is the cover girl too). You can see photos of her home on the blog Blueprint Bliss or pick up a copy for yourself. I have a feeling that Tammy Connor’s work (and name) will soon join the ranks of well-known, established interior designers.

How would you describe your personal style?
Inviting, refined, collected, timeless, and classic with a twist. I think that it is imperative to understand the rules of design (principles, elements, and history) in order to successfully break them! I aim to create spaces that are not only beautiful, but also comfortable. Perhaps it’s the Southerner in me, but I want clients and their guests to feel comfortable curling up on a fabulous antique settee barefoot and to relax in their surroundings.

What is your favorite luxury in life?
Traveling to interesting and beautiful places and peaceful sleep.

Which talent would you most like to posses?
Opera singer. There seems to be something therapeutic about belting out a romance language in beautifully appointed historical buildings. And, the fabulous sets and costumes are the icing on the cake!

What is your most prized possession?
Photos of family, friends and travel. We once had to evacuate our home in Charleston for a hurricane. All I took with me was my computer and boxes upon boxes of photographs. Now, if only I could find the time to organize all of them!

Who are your style icons?
Albert Hadley for his design sense, longevity, and candor.
Coco Channel for her determination, commitment, and style.
Charles D Gandy, (an early mentor of mine at Gandy/ Peace Inc) for his refined approach to interiors and for role-modeling his open and honest business practices.

Who would you most like to collaborate with on a project?
I would love to collaborate with creative clients on a villa on Lake Como (my husband and I are Italophiles), a safari lodge in South Africa (my favorite vacation spot), or a boutique equestrian B&B (I think I am an undiscovered equifile).

Who would you most like to meet and how would you spend the day?
In a fantasy world, I would have to go with Jackie O. I would want her to plan the itinerary, but would hope that there would be time for an insightful conversation on style, philanthropy, politics and motherhood.

What inspires your creativity and designs?
There is inspiration through every open door. Travel, architecture, nature, people, and their lifestyles are some of the primary sources. Nature often inspires color schemes that I incorporate into interiors. For example, when I was last in Charleston I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful blooming magnolia trees and their sophisticated color palette of evergreen, cinnamon, and crisp ivory.

With which iconic designer or architect do you most identify?
Rose Tarlow. Her interiors are always refined but inviting, and she achieves this through her distinct use of scale, texture, and color. I especially love her living room in Bel Air that allows the exterior vines not only to enter, but also to grow in the room.

And, while I am not sure I would be brave enough to live with this visitor, it certainly adds great texture and life to the space. It is this unexpected juxtaposition of refined, rustic, and natural that I admire her for the most.

Profile by Ronda Carman


pve design said...

What grace and beauty abounds in her work. She most definitely has an old soul and is talented beyond her young age.

ALL THE BEST said...

Patricia I agree! Her work is so soothing!

Hope you are feeling better!!

Things That Inspire said...

Now I admire her even more! Her picture matches her soothing interiors - she looks like a kind and peaceful person.

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Oh Ronda I just LOVED this interview! What an articulate, stylish young woman Tammy Conner is. I so appreciate and admire how knowledgeable and well-rounded she appears---such an inspiration for young designing women like myself. Thank you for sharing this with us!
XX Kate

Gwen Driscoll said...


So loved both yesterday and today's posts. Thank you for sharing another fabulous designer with us. I love new material. I wish I had more time to devote to finding it myself. Busy with my own design business I suppose. Hope you are well.

Gwen Driscoll
Ragland Hill Social

Anonymous said...

every single photo had me gasping louder and louder. i think she's my favorite designer you've had yet. thank you so much.
xo, katie

dgotlib said...

These rooms feel charmingly sophisticated and inviting to me - most especially the living room.
I find myself exceedingly drawn in the direction of these types of settings, however, anything I'm personally involved with always ends up being more playful. What a beautiful post! Your blog is most enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Tammy- Please tell us the name of the Architect that designed the house you so beautifully decorated in Pennslyvania. It must have been done by one of the greats of the 1920's.

Karena said...

I adore Tammy's Blue Room and the fab art over the fireplace! Very Talented!

Riviera Boardwalk said...

I loved that interview and the pictures were beautiful.


desde my ventana said...

I did not know Tammy's work and now I just discovered from your post. Her interiors are full of harmony and very calm.Beautiful
Thank you for sharing this,


Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

Thanks for the link to my blog!

I'm a big fan of Tammy's work. Loved reading this interview.

Tricia - Avolli said...

Gorgeous. What an incredible talent. Those beds suspended by the rope are amazing!

Tricia - Avolli


I completely loved this interview - thankyou !

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

Adore the beds - just wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Great old house- Yes, please share with us who is the architect.

ALL THE BEST said...

Thanks for all of the comments! Tammy is trying to find out the original architect. I'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...


loved your post on Tammy. She is every bit as nice in person. Tell your readers to check out her web site. http://www.tammyconnerid.com.

Click on gallery. It is one fabulous room after another. She is definitly on the direct line to stardom in the design world.

Thanks laura

Jen said...

Tammy, I love this style! Very hospitable, calm, nourishing of all our inner aspects and refined as you shared! I really love it all so much! especially the area near the fireplace and the kitchen though it is all so beautiful! What a delight to be here to peek in on this artwork! luv ~Jenn