Monday, January 18

Traditional Home 20 Young Designers 2010

I was thrilled to learn from Brad Ford this weekend that he was named by Traditional Home as one of the 20 Young Designers to Watch for 2010. Not only is Brad a great designer, he is taking the world of social networking by storm (listen to our podcast here).

A huge congratulations to all who were named! I have listed all the designers below. Make certain to pick up a copy of the March issue of the magazine to see their work.

Elizabeth Bauer (New York, NY)
Meg Braff New (York, NY)
Paul Corrie (Washington, DC)
Julie Dodson (Houston, TX)
Marshall Erb (Chicago, IL)
Molly Frey (Marblehead, MA)
Brad Ford (New York, NY)
Eric Ford (Little Rock, AR)
Christopher Gaona (Santa Monica, CA)
Jessica Helgerson (Portland, OR)
Ondine Karady (New York, NY)
Garrow Kedigian (New York, NY)
Kelly LaPlante (Venice Beach, CA)
Katie Leede (Santa Monica, CA)
Emily Miller (Dallas, TX)
Julie Massucco, Melissa Warner, Carrie Miller (San Francisco, CA)
Erin Paige Pitts (Baltimore, MD)
Jack Poles (Atlanta, GA)
Todd Richesin (Knoxville, TN)
Mark Roberts (Cedar Rapids, IA)


Gwen Driscoll said...

Can't wait to review all their work. Hope you are well.

ALL THE BEST said...

I can't wait for my copy Gwen!!

debra @ 5th and state said...

how exciting, can't wait for my issue!

was looking thru the list and was hoping to see julia buckingham-edelman. she was in consideration and is a hot designer here in chicago.
she can be found on material girls blog/chicago

my best

DesignTherapy said...

Thanks Ronda! We really appreciate it! Not only is this good news for us, but for Traditional Home readers as well! You can learn more about the contest with free prizes at! Thanks again for the shout-out!

Lisa Sternfeld said...

It's so great to see some newer accomplished names being recognized out there! Brad Ford is one of my favorites - so clever and incredibly talented.

Belle on Heels said...

can't wait to get my copy!!

Francine Gardner said...

So thrilled to hear about Brad Ford. He was just in the showroom and thanks to your blog, we congratulated him!! He not only is a great designer but a wonderful person as well.

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

I can't wait to pick this up on the newsstand! So many young, inspiring people! Thanks for the tip : )
XX Kate