Saturday, September 15

Shopping on Saturday

Lemon vinegars from Dalmeny, vodka from Shetland, Tuscan olive oil, damson gin from East Lothian, Demijohn in Edinburgh and Glasgow combine the best of locally sourced Scottish ingredients with those from around the world.

Demijohn “the liquid deli” is a family run food and drink shop that allows customers to taste all products before making a purchase.

The store houses a remarkable collection of products from around the world including delicious liqueurs, mature Single Malt Whiskeys, rare spirits, complex olive oils and unique vinegars. Once you purchase a Demijohn bottle you can replenish your bottle for the cost of a refill only. Good for the consumer, good for the environment.


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I love popping in to see what is new. Your world is so exciting and still welcoming.
The new banner is YOU!

ALL THE BEST said...

Thank you Sandi!!!

Mélanie said...

Wonderful shopping !!