Saturday, September 22

Shopping on Saturday

Born a month and a half too early, my newest nephew has finally come home from the hospital. I’ve yet to see this precious little one, but I’m desperately hoping to make it home to Texas in November to see him and all of my family. In the meantime I’ve been doing some baby shopping and discovered a great site for the whole family.

Brora was established in 1993 with the aim to give classic Scottish cashmere a contemporary twist and 
create a collection in a wide range of unique colours. Brora cashmere is dyed and knitted in Hawick, the thriving centre of the Scottish 
cashmere industry.

I think these cashmere hand knitted bootees are just adorable. I also love the ribbed cashmere hot water bottle cover (hint hint) should interested parties be reading this post.


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

ooooh, it all looks so soft and cozy!

Anonymous said...

gas or cashmere, cashmere wins!
lovely shade of blue too!

Annica Lindeberg said...

Thanks for this great tip - I haven't heard of Brora before. If you want to read about a new designer exhibition in Sweden, please visit me, and I hope that you will enjoy it!

Jane Flanagan said...

Oh I just love Brora! I lust after everything, including the pony!

Pigtown*Design said...

I love Brora. They have a shop on King's Road in London and I used to pick up things there. They have a wonderful cashmere wash.

Love the little pony.

Style Court said...

Beautiful finds! Hope your nephew is doing well.