Tuesday, March 9

Aaron Sewart: Creative Director for SFERRA

I mentioned on Friday that I would share Aaron Stewart's top tips for sheet shopping, creating a dream-worthy bed and caring for your linens. If you want to learn more visit LoseCount.com or leave your questions in the comment section.

What are your top tips for caring for linens?
Only wash sheets with sheets. Don’t wash sheets with bath towels or washcloths. The abrasion from other items will shorten the life of your linens.

Also, don’t over dry your sheets. Many people have a tendency to put sheets in the dryer on extra dry. When sheets are hot to the touch you’re basically overcooking the fiber and you’re causing it to break down. Not only does it shorten the life of the linens, but it causes your sheets to pill. You should take the sheets out of the dryer when they are still a little bit damp.

What is the biggest mistake most people make when buying linens
Relying solely on thread count, or thinking that the most expensive sheets on the market must be the best. Often times you will see '800 thread count' boldly printed across a set of sheets that cost $79.99. The $79.99 sheets may be as hard as a rock, but people believe that if they wash them three or four times they’ll soften.

After several washes they actually feel worse. This is because the finish has washed away. Some costly brands also add a finish to their linens, giving them a soft feel in the store, but it wears away too after washing.

SFERRA sheets are the perfect combination of the best Egyptian Cotton yarns, a time-tested weaving technique and an amazing bleach/dye house that uses our special formula. It gives our sheets that wonderful feel of luxury.

What are the essentials for creating a cozy and inviting bed?
I think the absolute essentials are a great set of sheets, a blanket, and a really soft down comforter.

As far as design, what new trends are you seeing?
One of the biggest things everyone is asking us for is gray. For the past decade it’s really been about beige. And everyone wanted beige, beige, and beige. Everyone was looking for taupe and tan and beige and cream, all mixed together. Now everyone is looking for beautiful shades of gray.


Sharon Brown said...

I bought Sferra bedding for my master bedroom 5 years ago - matelasse, duvet cover, shams, sheets, the works. I have been beyond impressed at how well they all have worn or should I say not worn after numerous washes and lots of use. I can wash and iron them and they still look like new. Seriously. My point being you may spend more money up front on quality linens, but they may save you money in the end because of how well they wear and how long they will be able to be used.

Thank you for the tips via Aaron Sewart.


pve design said...

Oh, indeed there is a silver lining here, love grey for the bed linens and the list of care to create a cozy and inviting bed!

Anne said...

Oh my, I have been drying my sheets on very high heat. Thanks for the tip.

Kevin said...

I agree with Patrica!! Bring on the gray.

Interior Designer San Francisco said...

Some manufacturers apply a finish that washes off?? The mystery of those horrible 500 thread count sheets from college are solved. Great tips, thanks!

Ann Marie said...

Love this post!!! I have been "cooking" my sheets in the dryer on high heat. Thanks for the great tips.

Shani said...

I've been drying mine on high heat, too! At a dinner party one night someone said that washing white sheets with a couple of tablets of aspirin helps keep them white without the potential damage of bleach. Have you heard this before?

Thanks for sharing!

La Petite Gallery said...

Thank you so much this was very informative, Love it when I find good tips.


Liz.Blog said...

I love your PVE art for your Logo, as well as all of your posts!

Liz.Blog said...

I love your PVE art for your Logo, as well as all of your posts!

Anonymous said...

Well... that's very interessting but frankly i have a hard time determining it... wonder how others think about this..

The Antiques Diva™ said...

Excellent tips Ronda!
Aaron - thanks for demystifying the process!!!

Jeanne Henriques said...

Great post! Thanks for the tips :)

Pretty Lovely said...

What a fantastic interview.

My sheets will be crisp and lovely from now on!


Gwen Driscoll said...

No greater luxury than fabulous sheets. Have a great trip.

Karena said...

Love Sferra bedding, and wow is Aaron good looking; as well as so knowledgeable!

Art by Karena

Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

At the new Viceroy Anguilla hotel they only use the Kelly Wearstler line from SFERRA. Heavenly combination.