Monday, March 29

Blogger + Designer Dinner in Atlanta

I will be in Atlanta for the next three days hosting several events on behalf of SFERRA. Last night we hosted a blogger/designer dinner at Craftbar in Atlanta. One word - YUM!

It was so much fun to meeting Jill Sharp Brinson, Holly of Things that Inspire, Niki of Yummy Scrumptious, Shameeka of The Broke Socialite, Brian Patrick Flynn of Decor Demon, Millie of Brilliant Asylum, Ally of From the Right Bank, Helen Young and Jane Douglas Reynolds of Whitehaven.

It's always a treat to meet the bloggers behind the blogs and the designers behind the name. This group did not disappoint! There was such an amazing energy and the conversation was fascinating. It was so interesting to hear about each person's creative endeavors. I, for one, was very inspired. And, if the company were not enough, the food was fantastic. Craftbar certainly lived up to its reputation. Again, thank you all for coming and sharing your energy. You can see more photos here.

Shameeka Shy Ayers, Ronda Carman and Hollis Smith

Brian Patrick Flynn and Jill Sharp Brinson

Niki, Holly, Shameeka, Helen, Ronda, Jill, Jane and Millie


Brilliant Asylum said...

Thanks for hosting a fun night. Loved meeting everyone!

La Petite Gallery said...

You look great in the photo's and I can see what an interesting time you are having. Lucky lady.
I am sure you are a great


TSL said...

Rhonda, I read about this fun time on at least three of my fave local blogger's posts yesterday. They had a blast, and it was a blast reading about it. Come to Atlanta more often. Tina

ALL THE BEST said...

I did not realize that you were in Atlanta!!! Any chance you can come to our event at Mrs. Howard tonight? I just sent you an invitation. Please feel free to bring a guest.
All the best,

Southern Aspirations said...

This looks like a fabulous evening! I too have read about it on other blogs. I've had a chance to meet several of the girls and I LOVE BPF.