Wednesday, August 1

Hotel Chateau Marmont

Chateau Marmont is something of a legend. Think of any famous name, past or present, and there’s sure to be a Chateau Marmont anecdote, scandal or connection.

This is the esteemed hotel where Paul Newman met his wife Joanne Woodward, Jean Harlow carried on a scandalous affair with Clark Gable while on her honeymoon, Jim Morrison jumped off the roof of a poolside cabana and John Belushi tragically died of a cocaine and heroine overdose.

Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard has been an enduring feature of the Hollywood scene since the early thirties. Unlike the Garden of Allah, Mocambo and Schwab’s drugstore, renowned institutions that sadly no longer exist, Chateau Marmont is still a prominent fixture.

Ask a member of the old Hollywood set about the Marmont and their eyes will twinkle as if talking about a naughty but likeable uncle who once scandalized and secretly delighted the family with his outrageous exploits.

The risk of being such a legendary hotel is not getting stuck in a time warp. Thanks to the preservation and restoration by New-York-based nightclub, hotel and restaurant impresario André Balazs, Chateau Marmont is still an alluring legend today.


Anonymous said...

Such a fantastic hotel! You must stay at Chateau Marmont when in LA. It is so glamorous.

Anonymous said...

A great place to meet friends for cocktails.
Kenedy S.

The Peak of Chic said...

It's on my list of places to visit in LA!

becoming-home said...

Totally off topic, but my sister (who lives in LA) told me there is a dog kennel called "Chateau Marmut" which is, true to form, a very expensive and glamorous place to board your dog :)

Anonymous said...

The employees let us come in and have a look around.Its magnificent!

zack said...

This is great! ill bookmark it over at our place: