Wednesday, August 15

Profile: Ruthie Sommers

Today I am beyond delighted to profile the lovely LA based designer Ruthie Sommers. I just adore her answers and unassuming nature. It must be her North Carolina upbringing. Ruthie’s unique aesthetic is elegant and easygoing, combining European style antique and flea-market finds—a perfect combination.

Who would you most like to meet and how would you spend the day?
I am having a hard time with one person that I would love to meet. There are SOO many! Thomas Jefferson, Sister Parish, President Bush. I would also like to spend the day with Global Warming Specialists.

What is your favorite CD at the moment?
Vertigo Groove Armada

What is your favorite luxury in life?
Luxury is time with my family - Eloise, Luke, Bear and Lilah

What is your most prized possession?
This is hard. I really do not have anything I cannot live without. Everything is disposable in a weird way. Perhaps my store and my wedding memories.

Where is your favorite place(s) to shop?
I love to shop the Paris flea markets, Malmasion in NY, Coconut in NY and
Silverlake in LA on a good day.

Who are your style icons?
Albert Hadley and Audrey Hepburn for their modesty, humility and style.

What did you enjoy most about working on your upcoming book?
I loved designing the photo shoots with my writer Alex Heminway. We had
a blast.

What is your idea of a perfect party?
My idea of a perfect party is not being stressed before guests arrive, my husband actually dealing with the music in advance and not burn anything. 10 friends or 1000, it doesn’t matter, I love a party at my house more than I love going to them!

Profile by Ronda Carman


katiedid said...

Oh Ronda! What a coup. How do you get these interviews? Ruthie is such a favorite of mine. Such fun to hear her answers! Thanks for the fun post.

dianamuse said...

What a great blog you have here! The books (we have MANY in common)! The profile interviews! It's a veritable design & style feast!! And I loved reading your profile, too. I'm just getting my blogs formed and fashioned. Will come back here frequently for inspiration.

ALL THE BEST said...

Thanks Katiedid! I know, I was thrilled to profile Ruthie. I emailed her company to get more info about her and her upcoming book, and Ruthie (being the lovely woman that she is) agreed to a brief interview.

ALL THE BEST said...

Thanks Dianamuse!! I look forward to your visits.

The Peak of Chic said...

Thanks for the profile! She's one of my faves :)

ALL THE BEST said...

Mine too Jennifer, such a class act and a great eye for design!

girl meets glamour said...

I am so thrilled you got to interview Ruthie!!! What fun questions, and answer's too. I'm with her on the perfect party...less stress and charred steak :)

Habitually Chic said...

What a coup indeed! Great interview! I love Ruthie! I definitely can't wait for her new book.

ALL THE BEST said...

Thanks girl meets glamour and habitally chic!

Susan said...

Ruthie's style is amazing - she continues to grow and expand and renew. Her work and artistic style is personalized to her clients' lives. She is humble, but knows what works. She has done 2 of my houses, and I hope to get her back to Atlanta again. (Disclaimer - this is her proud older sister - but everything I wrote is true!)

ALL THE BEST said...

I love your comment! Being the oldest of four girls I know what it is like to be the proud older sister, and you should be! Ruthie seems to be such a lovely, talented and humble woman.

Anna said...

Oh, Ronda this is so wonderful. Thank you so much for this. I absolutely loved reading Ruthie's profile and I just can't wait for the release of her upcoming book!
Anna said...

Great interview Ronda! I used to frequent her store when I lived in LA and she always had time to talk with me and share some background on her wonderful finds. I also loved to shop the Silverlake area in LA and find treasures. Looking forward to your book Ruthie.

ALL THE BEST said...

Anna, that makes the two of us waiting together!

Patricia you can tell from her answers that she is a nice person. I do hope to make it to her shop in the near future.

designflute said...

I liked all the interviews you have done.Especially this one.Great work!

ALL THE BEST said...

Thank you designflute! Ruthie is great.

Cote de Texas said...

Wow, I'm impressed!! Great interview AND love the comment from her older sister. You must be very proud. Well Deserved.


ALL THE BEST said...

I love the comment from her older sister too Joni! So sweet.

style court said...

Great post Ronda!

Suzy said...

Well done, what a great profile. I'm looking forward to the release of her book too.