Wednesday, August 8

Profile: Susanna Salk

Susanna Salk, author of A Privileged Life

Following my post yesterday on the return of preppy, I was honored to catch up with the lovely Susanna Salk, author of A Privileged Life, and get her opinion on the subject.

In my posting yesterday a preppy comeback, I stated that the true preppy establishment is not part of a trend or a new movement. Most WASPs or ‘preppies’ buy into classics rather than trends, and don't change their lifestyles with fads. Do you think there is a preppy comeback or is it a return to a lifestyle that has long existed?

I think there is renewed interest in the WASP culture, as what tends to happen every ten or so years. This “tribe” as I call it, is without trend. In fact the very reason I think people are drawn to its rather myopic scope, is that it endures, despite the winds of change and onslaught of constant trends banging against its doors.

In a world full of uncertainty and flux, this can seem comforting even if we only are only drawn to its pretty images or want to borrow just a few of its iconic elements from time to time. There is a privilege of living in a timeless style.

What did you enjoy most about writing A Privileged Life?
Realizing WASP culture's strangely broad influence upon mainstream culture over many years. I liked examining all its quirky gradations and manifestations. I felt a little bit like an archaeologist.

Who from the book would you most like to share a box of Triscuits and wine?
Truman Capote

Who are your personal style icons?
Kate Moss, Cate Blanchett, CZ Guest

What is your favorite book?
Tobias Wolfe's “Old School”

Where is your favorite place to vacation?
Sconset, Nantucket

What is your favorite luxury in life?
To be with my children as much as possible.

What is your most prized possession?
A tiny journal painted with water colors my husband did for me after our honeymoon in Italy.

What is your idea of a perfect summer afternoon?
Out on the lake with the family and then friends over for cocktails.

Profile by Ronda Carman


Anonymous said...

I just love her book!

ALL THE BEST said...

Kate Moss, Cate Blanchett, CZ Guest...what an interesting mix of women!!
Kenedy S.

ALL THE BEST said...

Hi Kenedy S,
I posted your message. Thank you so much for your emails. You can publish comments directly to the blog without being a registered blogger user. Just choose anonymous or other.

All the best!

Katherine said...

I would love to join Susanna and Truman Capote for wine and Triscuits.

The Peak of Chic said...

It's a fantastic book!

Mélanie said...

It was great to read her interview ..I will read her book .
Do you think it was translated in french .
Well I can read it in English but it will be better in my childhood language.
Mélanie xx