Monday, October 8

David Hicks

Last week The Peak of Chic did post on porcelain prints that featured the above photo of David Hicks' glazed chintz depicting porcelain, tables, and umbrellas. I knew that I had once seen a photo of Eleni Gianopulos' kitchen featuring this same print, but could not remember where I spotted the article. But alas, it came back to me - New York Magazine! I have copied the article below (written by Wendy Goodman) for you to enjoy.

Photo by David Allee

Moving from a crisp white loft to a rambling prewar apartment near Sutton Place unleashed Eleni Gianopulos’s desire for more color in her life. “I wanted pattern,” says the founder and owner of Eleni’s New York cookies. “I wanted every room to be fun and unique.” But since she’s a food professional, and her husband, Randall, is an accomplished amateur cook, they also had some very definite ideas about the kitchen, which they enlarged by taking out a wall and connecting a maid’s room. “We like to entertain, and that is why the plates and everything are out in the open,” she says.

To satisfy both, designer Steven Sclaroff, working with architect Carmen Tagle of ARCT, created a kitchen that has two of everything: two ovens (Gianopulos uses a Dacor electric one for baking because “electric bakes much more evenly”), sinks, and countertops (marble, for rolling out dough, and stainless).

Touches like a glass-front bookcase for cookbooks, a Wayne Thiebaud–esque photograph of pies and cakes by Sharon Core, and especially the bold-but-classic David Hicks wallpaper contribute to the mod-meets-English-country homeyness of the room. “I think a lot of people would be afraid to use it,” says Sclaroff of the wallpaper, which normally appears in entryways and libraries. “They totally were not afraid.”


Brilliant Asylum said...

It is amazing how such a classic print can look totally contemporary in the right setting. I would normally run from this print, but in the hands of Hicks or Sclaroff, it is fantastic. Nice kitchen!

ALL THE BEST said...

You are so right BA, in the right hands it's fab. I love seeing the same print in two different eras.

Style Court said...

Ronda, this is great! How fun and fresh to see the pattern in a kitchen. Also I'm a big Eleni fan (have used her cookies for so many kids'parties) as well as a Sclaroff fan.

girl meets glamour said...

What a fun kitchen! So glad you found this article to share with us, thanks!!

Suzy said...

Wow, great post. It looks fantastic in that setting. The fabulous Sclaroff strikes again!

ALL THE BEST said...

Aren't her cookies the best Style Court!

Thanks Kate, I thought it was fun too! I'd love to cook in that kitchen!!

You are right Suzy, fabulous is the perfect word for Sclaroff!

Mrs. Blandings said...

I remember this layout - and love it still. Thanks for posting.

Anna Spiro said...

Ronda I have loved this wallpaper/fabric so much ever since I discovered in on Stylecourt a while ago and I have been trying to get it here in Australia through my Clarence House rep and they have said it is discontinued. I'm SO disappointed as I REALLY want to use it at Black & Spiro!! I just adore the use of it here in this kitchen. I haven't seen this image before so this was a real treat! Thank you for inspiring me today!!!