Friday, October 5

Gien - Joli Paris

I love a touch of whimsy when it comes to setting the table or hosting a party, and these plates by Gien certainly hit the mark. Gien is one of the top producers of high quality earthenware in France. Its product lines are highly unique and distinguish themselves from other pottery with rich, refined and varied shapes and styles.The Joli Paris line features scenes of Paris cafés, monuments and boutiques. Choose your path through Paris with fun plates.


Anonymous said...

A very dear friend of mine gave me a "gien" upon her return from living in Paris 2 years. It is a rectangular platter with a parisian scene & a couple. She told me it reminded her of my illustrations so I am paintng some of my own!
Tres "joli"~

Sarah Dennis said...

Love Gien! Their work is incredible and this collection is amazing, what fashionista wouldn't love them!

Speaking of fashion, I also love the plates they designed exclusively for NM to mark their 100th anniversary. Have you seen them? Check them out:

The woman depicted on these plates are classic and timeless, just like Gien.

Enjoyed the post! Great job.


These are so free-flowing in feel. I think the illustrations look like a designer's quick sketches. I like that!

franki durbin said...

normally I'm not one for dinnerware. but there...these are yummy! parisian without being trite. very chic indeed. nice find!

Bhavna Bhatnagar said...

Love this dinnerware! Very creative and chic