Thursday, December 20

My Favorite Things - Anna Spiro

When I started All the Best it was purely for my personal enjoyment and a way to archive my growing collection of magazine articles and favorite travel destinations. I had no idea that anyone would come to visit my site or that I would find so many fantastic blogs.

One of the very first I stumbled across was Absolutely Beautiful Things. The name alone was enough to hook me and then I fell for the talented Anna Spiro. Not only is Anna a design genius and the owner of Black & Spiro in Brisbane, Australia, she is also one of my favorite bloggers! I never tire of her creative tablescapes and inventive use of color.

Merry Christmas Anna.

Favorite city:
Venice. It's just so romantic and whimsical and different from any other place in the world.

Favorite movie
There are so many movies I love! It’s hard to narrow it down to just one. I love all 'girly' movies and ones that make me cry. I know that may seem strange but sometimes it's just great to watch a movie that makes you cry and cry and cry. I feel so much better afterwards!!

Favorite season:
Definitely Christmas time and as Christmas falls in summer here in Australia, I have to say the Christmas summer holidays at the beach. It’s my absolute favourite time of year.

Favorite book
My French Life by Vicki Archer

Favorite food:
Jelly Babies

Favorite colors
Pink, blue, yellow, orange, aqua, green, white, black…I love them all!!

Favorite flower
Pink Peonies

Favorite memory
Christmas holidays as a child at my family's beach house at Stradbroke Island.


Anonymous said...

I love Anna use of color!! It's just the best.

Laura said...

She has a great eye. I ordered My French Life as a little gift for myself and it's wonderful.

Style Court said...

Merry Christmas Anna and Ronda!

girl meets glamour said...

So happy to see you this interview with Anna! Christmas is the best time of year and I certainly tell it's her favorite. Hope you both have a wonderful holiday!


Things That Inspire said...

Great interview. Jelly Babies are always one of the first things I purchase when in the UK (well, maybe the second, after salt and vinegar rice cakes. Why don't they make those in the states?).

blah said...

Dear Rhonda - great post on Anna - woman after my own multicoloured jellybabied heart!! :-) AND Pink Peonied heart too :-)! :-)