Friday, December 14

My Favorite Things - Patricia van Essche

One of my favorite memories from this past year is having drinks at the Four Seasons in New York with Patricia van Essche and both of our sisters. As most of you know, I adore Patricia's illustrations and I love to see my blog masthead each morning. I especially love my Christmas hat and I'll miss it once the holidays are over. Thank you Patricia! You can see more illustrations on Absolutely Beautiful Things.

Favorite holiday movie:
The Grinch
Favorite holiday song:
The Nutcracker
Favorite season:
Christmas—I love the holidays!
Favorite City
Christmas in New York!
Favorite food:
Christmas cookies
Favorite actor:
Burl Ives' voice makes me think of Rudolph.
Favorite memory:
Christmas morning! Waking up early to see what Santa brought and St. Nicolas filling our stockings with mandarin oranges.


Anonymous said...

These are just beautiful! What talent!

Anonymous said...

Just found your great blog. I love her artwork!

Mrs. Blandings said...

so glad you posted these again - they are so charming!

Pigtown*Design said...

The picture of Ms. PVE is soooo glam!