Thursday, April 3

Amanda Jaron Jewelery

If you’ve been a reader of All the Best for a while you have certainly read about jewelry designer Amanda Jaron. You may remember her very chic diamonds, pearls and recycled glass Coca-Cola bracelet. A Florida native, Amanda Jaron combines the vivid colors of her landscape and surroundings with inspirations from her extensive world travels to create jewelry that is unique, sophisticated and romantic.

Not only do I adore her beautiful designs, I adore the designer herself. Amanda is warm, gracious, inspiring and very talented—all fantastic qualities. Here is a sneak peek at her Spring/Summer 2008:

18kt, sterling, white topaz and diamond

tassel bracelets

onyx, 18kt, sterling and white topaz

photos Michelle Tricca


Anonymous said...

All beautiful! Great photography.

Anonymous said...

I remember that bracelet! Soooo cool!!

Anonymous said...

What do I say... YOU are the BEST!
Thank you for the nice surprise this morning!

ALL THE BEST said...

You are so welcome Amanda!

ALL THE BEST said...

Ann Marie that bracelet is a fav of mine!

Alex Beattie said...

Awesome! lovely jewels! :)