Tuesday, April 29

New Address Same Blog

I have a new blog address: www.allthebestblog.com but you can still read All the Best using the old address www.allthebest2007.blogspot.com

Not only is it a much shorter address, but more accurately reflects the blog. Many thanks to my fellow Houston bloggers for the tip!! Just one of the many new things I learned at dinner the other evening.


Leah said...

How'd you do that? I'd love to drop the ".blogspot" from my own url.

Please share the tip!



ALL THE BEST said...

Hi Leah,
Go to your Customize tab in Blogger. Then to Settings and then to Publishing. You will see the link to turn blogspot into com!
It's $10 a year.

Leah said...



Anonymous said...

Oh good, you did it!

Courtney said...

I've been toying with the idea too...just not sure if insidetheloopblog.com is any better than the whole blogspot bit. It is shorter - and not as confusing to non-bloggers...

Congrats on the switcheroo.

Kim Vallee said...

It is a smart move!

For In(side) the Loop, the big advantage is that your blog URL is not linked to a platform. This means you will not lose your links if you change blog platform later on.

Sabina said...

Love this idea and only $10.00 per year! Lots of other great information from your comments as well.

Thanks for the info.

Love this blog!!

Marie Louise said...

Ronda - my first visit to your blog and I took advantage of your info on creating a domain address - thanks! I am an American who used to live in the UK as well - in London. I was married to a Brit years ago but after ten year in Europe I ended up back in NYC when he took a job here. I see that you are in Scotland - never got to see as much of it as I would have liked. It is beautiful!