Saturday, April 5

Shopping on Saturday: Perfect Pendants

I love a great pendant and I am still obsessed by the Renee Lewis Shake Necklace worn by Cameron Diaz in The Holiday. With summer just around the corner I can finally shed my turtlenecks and show off a few necklaces. I had a field day shopping this morning. Here a just a few of my many finds (you may notice a pattern):

Dana Kellin
Gold filled chain link necklace with four gold filled wrapped links and rutilated quartz drop. Length: 19 inches. Price $415.00

Erica Molinari
18k gold circle branch necklace with diamonds on chain. Length: 15inches. Price $2,445.00

Arman Collection
22k gold chain with tear shapes turquoise drop and wrapped gold snake design with one rosecut diamond. Price $1,800.00

Dana Kellin
Gold filled link chain necklace with gold filled wrapped citrine drop. Length: 16 inches. Price $205.00

Dana Kellin
14k gold fill winter mix pendant necklace with moonstone, quartz green amethyst beading on open link chain. Length: 16 inches. Price $525.00


Julia said...

These are great, I love the second one!!!!!

pve design said...

Gold is like wearing a bit of sun. I attended a wine tasting and I admired a gold necklace with a pretty pendant on of course a pretty young thing.
Oh I love the 2nd one too.

Cote de Texas said...

My b.f. is looking for a new pendant necklace - I'm going to forward her these companies - she will be so excited! thanks!


c.lorraine said...

I love that Erica Molinari branch necklace! so cute!

Anonymous said...

I have to was love at first site with the branch necklace.

Stowe Craft said...

You might also like to visit our online Vermont shop for Dana Kellin jewelry. You can finfd a few of her pices in the sale section.

ALL THE BEST said...

I love the branch one too...seems to be a hit!!

Joni let me know what your BF finds!

ALL THE BEST said...

Stephen what is your web address?

ALL THE BEST said...

Never mind Stephen I found it googling Stowe Craft...your site could get me in trouble!! :-)

Handcrafted Steve said...

Sorry- I didn't put the link in right. my website is You can see handmade jewelry under jewelry but also try the new sale section- We just set it up- love to hear what you think-

perfect bound said...

Love, love, love them all. I always get hooked on the signature accessories in movies. I am currently seeking a set of necklaces similar to the ones worn by giada de laurentiis. She wears a trio of tiny diamonds that seem to go with everything and just shines! I stare at them when I watch her shows and wish for my own.

{this is glamorous} said...

The circle branch necklace is just beautiful.

liz goudprijs said...

gorgeous pendants and great site! it's my first time here and i love what i'm seeing! i also think the second one - the branch necklace - is uniquely charming. but i also like the first one - perfect for tops with low neckline.

congratulations for having a great blog!