Thursday, March 19

All the Best LIST

With the demise of a few prominent shelter magazines, most recently and notably the beloved domino, I am striving to provide a place for those in the ‘creative enterprises’ to share their work with fellow enthusiasts. I hope this growing LIST will reacquaint you with a few favorites, introduce you to new names and serve as an inspiring resource.

A personal thank you to each of you for your time and considerable efforts in pulling this project together.

Here are the newest additions to the LIST:

Mark Dean:
Pioneer Art Dealer

Work of artist Tim Berg
Exhibition - All Good Things

Peter Dunham:
Interior Designer
Textile Designer
Founder of Hollywood At Home

Monika Biegler Eyers:
Freelance Design Editor
Creative Consultant

Robert Passal:
Interior Designer
Arbiter Elegantiarum

Peter Pennoyer:
Man of Distinction

Chris and Suzanne Sharp:
Founders of The Rug Company
World Travelers
Global Tastemakers

Image 3 Photographer Max Kim-Bee
Image 6 Photographer Scott Frances


Anne said...

Fantastic. Thanks for keeping me up on all of these creative people.

A Fellow Enthusiast said...


ALL THE BEST said...

Thank you Anne and Fellow Enthusiast.

Karena said...

Ronda, it is so generous of you to share all of this great talent with us.I love that you do not focus on only one arts industry and feature fine arts, fine interior design, etc.

ALL THE BEST said...

I knew when I started all the best that I have a love of too many things to focus on just one area. As always, thank you for your kind works Karen!

Mel said...

what wonderful additions to the list -- great choices ronda!

Coffee with Cathy said...

On behalf those of us who depend on magazines and online content, thank you! I'm always on the lookout for inspiration, and you've given me plenty.

Sabina said...

How wonderful - can't wait to check out this list!!


Renee Finberg said...

each picture has something brilliant in it.



annechovie said...

Wow, Ronda, some terrific additions! Turning ATB into "Creativity Central". XO

forristera said...

I LOVE that room in the Chris and Suzanne Sharp photo. It looks like it is a medieval castle. Beautiful old wooden walls and masonry.

A Day That Is Dessert said...

Great additions to your list!