Wednesday, March 18

Fun + Flirty for Spring

Photo via Garance Doré

I was pondering Hollister Hovey's post on nail polish when I fortuitously came across the above photo while searching my files. It got me to thinking about spring and the fact that it may be time to abandon my dark nail polish for awhile. I have also switched my perfume in anticipation of warmer weather. Here are a few of my favorite finds for the season. What must haves are on your list? Either real or imagined...we can always dream.

Bold tones rule for Spring 2009. Just as brighter colors turned up the runways for Spring 2009 Fashion Week, nail polish colors have followed suite. For a quick update try Essie One of a Kind Poppy Red Kiss or Deborah Lippmann Purple Rain, a shimmering lilac frost created by Zac Posen.

For spring think pink! I love the color pink, but can't force myself to wear pink clothes. Now I can added it to my wardrobe in a very fashionable way. The ever-popular Plasteramic Watch goes Neon.

The asymmetrical silhouette is huge for spring. Shoshanna's version, with a banded waist and ruched skirt, makes for the perfect little black dress.

The one-piece wonder is back! I for one love the jumpsuit. Of course, my sisters tell me that's because I am 5'9. I think this Alice + Olivia flutter sleeve jumpsuit is super stunning. Very Studio 54.

I recently received a bottle of Lea Extreme by Lea St. Barth from the gracious Christine Elia. I am in love with this scent! A powdery almond scent, mixed with hints of vanilla and musk, it's perfect for warmer months.

A pop of color is a must for the men too. This Michael Kors Tie-Dye Shirt is very cool. For a fun look at fashion, visit

The biggest must have on my spring list is a bee friendly flower garden. My son has been studying the alarming trend of bee decline and is determined to make a difference. Together we are encouraging everyone to plant chives this spring.

Any flowering plant is helpful but bees love chives, which are very easy to grow. Rosemary, comfrey and lavender are also good options. If you don’t have a garden, plant a few in pots or window boxes. Every little bit helps.

Photo credit: model Mélanie Bernier/photo via Garance Doré


Tamara said...

Ronda - that's a great photo - such a timeless dress - where is it from do you know?

ALL THE BEST said...

It is a Dior from 2008 (I think). Isn't it perfect! This photos is a favorite of mine!!

Anonymous said...

The Shoshanna dress is amazing!

Anonymous said...

good on you for mentioning the bees!

Renée Finberg said...

i know one thing......
i would love to see my daughter in that dress !


Karena said...

Ronda, I do love the pinks family,fuschia,magenta,& bright true pink. You are right though, if you don't normally wear the color, think accessories, earrings, fab scarf, your watch etc.

Karena said...

Oh, forgot to mention, I used to wear jumpsuits all the time, and now I never see them!

Leciawp said...

Great shout out about the bee problem!

I love pink and can get away with wearing it with my auburn hair/complexion; nail polish the same color looks very unflattering on me for some reason.

Unknown said...

there's a shade of pink for everyone I think, from facepowder to deep magenta and something about that color makes you feel so girly!

really enjoy your post
happy twirls

ALL THE BEST said...

Thanks Alice and Lecia! It's the least that I can do to help!

Karen I say bring on the jumpsuit! Love it!!

Libby, I think you are right!

A Brush with Color said...

Don't know how I stumbled on this, but what a gorgeous dress! I love that photo! So pretty!

Anonymous said...

This is such a nice photo. I love the dress! It's classy, elegant, simple. All you'd need in a little black dress.

Anonymous said...

That is one divine dress MIss Ronda, absolutely sterling.

Our local University is heavily into investigating the disappearing bee phenomenon. Only recently did we learn they are essential to the growth of almonds!

Best for the rest of your week,