Thursday, March 12

All the Best LIST Updates

Kelly Wearstler has teamed with SFERRA, one of my favorite companies, to launch a new collection of soft home goods. The collection is now available online. I recently had a chance to catch up with the talented Ms. Wearstler to talk about the collaboration.

How would you describe the Kelly Wearstler/SFERRA Collection
I’m so thrilled with how my debut collection with SFERRA turned out – it’s exactly as I envisioned. The designs are organic with couture detailing, such as hand embroidery, needlepoint, appliqué and beading. I really enjoyed being able to play with different techniques that I had always wanted to try. The color palette is soft and subtle to emphasize the patterns.

What have you enjoyed most about your collaboration with SFERRA?
The SFERRA team, especially Paul Hooker and Aaron Stewart, have been so supportive of my vision for the collection. It’s truly been a pleasure working with them on my first soft home collection.

What are the trademarks of your personal style?
In general, I like things that are unexpected, so when it comes to my personal style, that means bold jewelry and accessories – hats, gloves and tights – because it throws things off and adds visual interest. I have the same mantra when I design interiors. It’s always good to toss in an element of surprise to shake things up a bit.

In your opinion, what makes the perfect bed and bedding?

Luxurious fabrics and unfussy details are essential components of the perfect bed.

What accessories do you consider a must for any room?
Anything metallic. The reflective quality helps to bring a room to another level.

Victoria Amory
, cookbook author and hostess extraordinaire, has a wonderful new e-newsletter. You can now sign up for Victoria’s free Delicious Newsletter on her website. You will get a copy sent to your email twice a month. It’s always filled with delicious, easy-to-make recipes, chic ideas and loads of great information.

Also, a special thank you to Pink Monkey for the lovely blog post about Victoria and All the Best.


my favorite and my best said...

wow! those lamps. i am a sucker for a shiny lamp. you could really have the plainest looking room but if you throw in a shiny win!

ALL THE BEST said...

MF&MB - it seems that you are in god company. As you read, Kelly loves the reflective quality and says that it helps to bring a room to another level.

Karena said...

Ronda, the fabrics Kelly chose are enticing and do really emphasze the patterns. By the way so glad you are also on Facebook, I am just having a challenge keeping up with reading my fave blogger friends!

EPP said...

Hi Ronda! Thanks for the mention! I also love the post about Barrie Benson and the photo of the dining table w/ the orange bench seating. Gorgeous and so creative!

pve design said...

Just the name "Kelly" alone always seems to be (for me) associated with style, glamour and chic accessories. Now it just transcends to more accessories for the home. Shiny things do light up a room as well as those patterns.
As always, you bring all the best and most delicious things for each of us to act like a monkey and get excited! Still jumping around hysterically over Barrie Benson.
Now do I really have time to Facebook and twitter?

Sanity Fair said...

I love Wearstler! Thanks for sharing the interview with her. I've linked to your blog so that my readers can enjoy as well.

Sanity Fair